It dawned on me that I was an adult when I came to the realisation that if I needed to book an appointment (quite literally for anything) the person booking it would be me. Whilst (thankfully) not a recent realisation, I do remember the day clearly. I proclaimed at breakfast that I needed to book a dental appointment at which my mother quite bluntly said to book it myself.

Myself? Me book a dental appointment without the assist of my mother?


It was on par with but perhaps not as upsetting as discovering a bearded fat man, didn’t fly down my chimney once a year, to watch me sleep and deliver me presents. That shattered illusion of realising the world wasn’t such a nice place after all and being in charge of booking my own appointments only proved this notion further.


Adulting isn’t an acknowledged verb as of yet, but I feel strongly that it should be. I dally between

  • Adulting Well
  • Adulting Badly
  • Not Adulting At All

There are the days where I feel confident that I am nailing it. These bizarrely enough tend to be on Tuesdays. I am over the hump of Monday, my shit is more a less together and I am determined to be the respectable human being than my mother can only dream of.


I know I am adulting well when I am doing (at least one or more of) the following


  • Managing to hit the gym before work
  • Have all my pack lunches done for the coming week
  • Keeping note of any large expenditures
  • Doing general life admin that allows me to tick things off my ‘to do’ list, inadvertently making me feel ‘proud’ and ‘accomplished’


Then there is also adulting badly, which is not quite as commendable, however still relatively reputable


Adulting Badly 

  • Still not knowing how to parallel park
  • Putting whites in a coloured wash
  • Applying for an overdraft
  • Filling the dishwasher but not actually turning it on
  • Having philosophical chats with your Uber driver
  • Referring to the following as actual investments
    • An electric scooter
    • Family sized pack of Maltesers
    • Wine


Finally there is not adulting at all:

  • Going over your overdraft
  • Calling the bank of mum and dad when funds are in dire need
  • Going on a night out and losing all of your worldly possessions
  • Smelling various items of your dirty laundry and debating how vocal the general public would be in close proximity to you
  • Eating last nights dinner for breakfast


A sturdy mix of the 3 dalliances of adulting are pretty normal (however perhaps if the last dalliance is occurring more frequently than the other 2, some gentle self reflection may be acquired).


If in doubt or if things are feeling as though they are going well and truly south- call someone who has been doing it far longer than you.


We recommend ya call your mum. No judgement here….