Discovering Trello has allowed me to accomplish so much more

Are you someone that creates countless to-do lists? Do you watch these lists grow by the hour and get so turned off by just how much that you have to get through, that you start procrastinating instead? My weekly to-do lists were actually demotivating me rather than motivating me to ‘get shit done’ due to the fact that there was so much to do and no system in which I could follow to get it done. As someone who works autonomously and for lots of different projects, it was difficult to work out which to prioritise. My lists had no particular order and there was no one to hold me accountable throughout the day, other than looming deadlines, which weren’t very encouraging.

I started looking for an alternative way to get organised, that would allow me to balance my working day efficiently and actually cross things off my list. I discovered Trello two weeks ago and I haven’t looked back. Trello is a project management tool that you can download onto your phone or have on your desktop. You can create different boards (that can be colour coded- shut the front door!) and you can create lists under each board such as

  • To Do
  • Doing
  • Done

Here are some of the boards I have on my desktop.

Whilst some people might argue that they like to cross things off the list and that the pure act of it is very satisfying, let me tell you now- there is nothing quite like dragging something from ‘To-do’ to ‘Doing’ to ‘Done’. Seeing your ‘Done’ list get bigger each day is very rewarding and offers a sense of achievement that a full and busy list on paper doesn’t- no matter how many things you’ve crossed out.

I won’t be able to share any of my work boards but here is screenshot of my personal board – as you can see it’s not the most scintillating thing you ever saw!

Having different boards that represent different areas of my life, allows me to create a sense of order and not get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work I have to do. You can also drag things up and down the boards if you want to prioritise something over something else. I wake up every day and before I start any of my work, I refer to my Trello board and look at what tasks I am going to tackle for the day. Honestly it’s a game changer and I go to bed feeling less anxious and more organised.

For anyone that is looking for a project management tool that will quite literally organise their life and their working schedules, I can’t recommend Trello enough.


Good luck getting organised!


C. Moncrieff


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