Starting a business in your twenties can be somewhat daunting as you may not necessarily feel you have the right tools or experience to go ahead with it. There are a lot of factors of starting a business that might turn you off or equally make you bottle the idea all together. However here are 5 advantages to starting a business in your twenties


  1. You Have The Time & Energy:The fact of the matter is you have youth on your side. You’ll have more energy than a lot of your elder counterparts to go out and put all the blood, sweat and tears you have into your business idea. That energy is the catalyst you need, when it comes to scaling a company, giving you the edge over someone who perhaps has other responsibilities to consider when they start their business.


  1. More likely to Take Risks: In business sometimes you have to take risks in order to succeed, however your willingness to take them will be much stronger than someone who has a family and a mortgage to pay for. The younger you start your business the smaller risk you will face of any potential losses.


  1. You’re More Likely To Bounce Back: Failing at something is not a failure. The fact that you tried is a success in itself and a great deal of entrepreneurs have expressed just how important failing is. However, as difficult as it is to recognise your business idea is failing, your resilience to prevail and try again will be that much stronger than someone who perhaps does not have time on their side. If anything, you will bounce back more determined than before (having recognised the initial flaws of your business plan).


  1. Serial Entrepreneur: The rush you get in starting your own business can be addictive, so those who have caught the ‘entrepreneur bug’ are more likely to look into starting up multiple businesses. The joy in this, is the entrepreneur in question will be able to take the skills and experiences from past start-ups moving forward- not to mention a more extensive contacts list.


  1. Adjustable: You will have a far more flexible ‘working ethic’ than your elder counterparts due to the fact you won’t have had certain ‘ways of life’ engrained into you. As a generation we embrace change and are always adjusting to the various technological trends happening on a daily basis. The only way for businesses to survive is if they can constantly adjust to these trends, something a twenty something does so brilliantly.


This of course shouldn’t put non twenty something’s off in starting a business, as ultimately those who are no longer in their twenties will always have the luxury of experience on their side. Young professionals don’t necessarily have the confidence to think they can be entrepreneurs and we are merely telling you just why being a twenty something entrepreneur has it’s’ advantages. Now all you have to decide is whether you’re brave enough to put these points into action…