With hundreds of thousands of online platforms popping up every second of the day, it’s no wonder you believe the voice of your own platform is getting drowned in all the noise. Whilst it can be immensely disheartening to face the likes of Google Analytics to bluntly tell you just how well you either are or aren’t doing, perhaps it’s time to look into growth-hacking.


Growth-hacking is for those looking to boost the growth of their content marketing, by following a set of tactics and techniques. So we have a devised a list of 5 of the most effective growth hacks you should be doing to get the most from your content marketing campaigns.



  1. Publish Social Media at Different Times of The Day.


Not as obvious as you might think, especially if you’ve followed when the peak times to release content is religiously! The chances are you and the world are following this trend, so your content is getting lost in all the other traffic that is getting filtered to your audiences pages. Therefore it is essential that that you regularly share new posts several times throughout the day, keeping you relevant and visible!


  1. A/B test headlines to optimize click-through rates.


Being the busy bodies that we all believe that we are, we rarely will take the time to mull over a headline. It either grabs us or it doesn’t, it will only take a few more scrolls to find something that actually will grab us. Your headline is essential to your content-marketing campaigns. Without fully optimized headlines, there isn’t much hope that your content is likely to go viral any time soon. If it doesn’t spark the initial interest no one will take the time to read it. A/B test headlines for every single article and analyse your testing results before publishing or promoting it.


  1. Repurpose Content to Boost Reach and Traction


Repurposing old content is one of the simplest and successful growth hacking techniques to grow your content marketing campaigns. It doesn’t take too much time to turn your blog posts into YouTube videos. Whether you are taking key points and turning them into ‘How To’ videos, or slideshow presentations, you are now utilizing other unused platforms that will quickly and easily expand your reach, hitting new audiences.


  1. Use Content Pop-Ups with Effective Call-To-Actions to create buzz


You want your content to stimulate and generate conversation and one of the most effective ways of doing that is through implementing a call to action in the shape of pop ups. For example if you write an article on Google Analytics, you could have a pop up that encourages readers to head to your YouTube channel or sign up to your Newsletter


  1. Utilize Relevant Social Media Groups to Promote New Content


A great way to increase your audience reach and stimulate content engagement is to get involved across other social media groups in which you can familiarize a different audience with your content. On seeing your content on a different channel that they trust, you will hopefully be adding engagement, interest and value to their lives.



Whether you’re new to the game of content marketing or stuck in your old ways, invigorate your campaigns with these 5 growth hacks. Not only will you be engaging your audience, but you will simultaneously be capturing a new one.




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