Coding is no longer for those exclusively in the tech industry. It is no longer considered as the stereotypical ‘sport’ for geeks. If anything, if you can code and also don’t look like you have a Star Wars bedspread at home, you are actually rather trendy. Coding allows you to create computer software, apps and websites. Your browsers, your OS, social media platforms (Facebook & Twitter), apps on your phone, this very website, is all made using code.


Now here are 5 reasons why you should learn to code:


  1. It’s a language understood by millions: It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Japanese, Spanish or Lithuanian. In code everyone sings from the same hymn sheet because it reads in the exact same language. So learn to code so you can communicate amongst other tech curators and be a part of the technological journey of change and innovation.


  1. Become Your Own Boss: learning the art of coding allows you to have a set of skills that not a lot of people can boast that they have. On building your portfolio, soon people will come to you for your services. You can choose your own hours and your own rates and find you make a rather tidy living.



  1. Start A Business: Now that you have the tools to make such an awesome platform (be it a website or an app) you can now start getting to work on whatever concept you think will make a truly great business! Here are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling:


  • Mobile Apps
  • E-Commerce
  • Selling your coding time
  • Selling software


  1. Earn A Killing: This does not have to be a pipe dream. Just think of a concept so great in the form of an app, watch its popularity soar and then sell it for millions. Take for example Nick D’Aloisio who sold his iPhone app to Yahoo for 30million at the grand old age of 17 years old!


  1. High chance that a robot may take your job: In a study released by The Oxford Martin Institute on Future of Employment, 47% of jobs which exist currently are at a high risk of being replaced by machines in the next ten years. So how should you prepare yourself? Learn to code, stay on top of technological changes and remain aware of the ever evolving social media platforms.


Don’t get left behind. Stay on top of technology and open the doors to a million opportunities just because you learned to code.