With 2016 drawing to a close, we are all looking positively at the coming year ahead. Trying to maximize productivity is a natural goal to strive for, but just what gadgets and apps are available to do just that? The Twenty Mile Club have devised a list of the perfect tools for you to consider looking into for Christmas to get the ball rolling for your 2017.

Smart pen – Livescribe Echo SmartPen

If only we had had this back in the day of compiling university notes.

As you jot down notes, the Echo Smartpen captures your notes and transfers them to the Echo desktops. What makes the pen more impressive is its ability to capture audio, so you can equally reference precisely what was being at the time you were taking down your notes. ‘Capture-Replay-Send’ Genius.


Zuta Labs pocket printer

Goodbye bulky printer, hello slinky smart portable printer. Great for those always on the move, as all you need to do is connect it to any of your devices via wifi (be it your phone or laptop). With no limits to paper size and weighing only 350 gr, this small but highly capable printer will more than serve it’s purpose.


Amazon Echo

Heading creepily more towards the ‘internet of things’ meet Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, who can now be your very own voice assistant. Allow Alexa to play music, control your smart home devices, provide information to you, read the news, set alarms and more. Who needs friends with Alexa. The Amazon Echo will see you set back by £149.

amazon-echo1Withings Aura

With sleep being drummed into us more and more as a common health necessity to your well-being, we found that the Withings Aura will do just that. An alarm clock, speaker and bedside lamp in a single device. Not only does it aim to help you get a good night’s sleep, it will also gently wake you up in the morning. With the addition of the sleep sensor accessory that sits underneath your mattress, it can monitor and analyse sleep cycles too. Dreamy….


Google Daydream View

Everyone needs to get away from the reality of actual life every now and then and for those who need that extra bit of help, look no further than the Google Daydream View. Comfortable and light to wear, this VR headset will transport you to a different world. Whether your visiting museums, faraway cities or planets far and beyond you will hard pushed to not be impressed.


Maximising productivity has never been so easy!