At the speed at which technology is rolling, means you either have to roll with it or get left behind. In business this is especially true, because if you think you can get away with sticking with old methods of staying ‘in tune’ with consumers just because it’s comfortable and it’s what you were taught at business school then don’t be shocked if your competitors start doing cartwheels around you.


To avoid this altogether we have devised a list of just 5 things you need to be doing in order to get ahead in the race.


  1. Be Online: Quite possibly the most obvious one, however sometimes the blinding obvious gets missed altogether. With 87.9% of adults in the UK using the internet, consumers will quite simply expect you to be online. Whether it’s so they can find out where you’re based, read your testimonials or just browse what you have to offer, if you’re not online your not only missing out on potential purchases from consumers but you’re also missing out on new customers.


  1. Have a Blog Tab: Consistent blogging will build a steady following of readers. Ensure your blogs aren’t sales orientated-, rather reach out to your audience by writing about things that they can engage with. Educational blog posts that can aid your readers in solving a problem are effective as they value the advice and insight you are giving them. Let your readers associate you being a positive platform.


  1. Be Social Media Savvy: The place to accumulate the most data about your customers is through looking at the various social media platforms you have. In a nutshell, every day there are:


  1. 500 million Tweets
  2. 5 billion likes on FB
  3. 95 million photos & videos uploaded to Instagram


What better way to gain customer insight into what they like and how they respond to your brand posts. Through gaining this insider knowledge about your audience, it can influence future business decisions so you make better ones.


  1. Collect Email Addresses: By collecting customer email addresses you will be able to consistently re-market to them year on year. This is great for letting your customer base know when you are incorporating change or starting something new, such as a new promotion, a new competition or that you’ve just started a new partnership!



5. Newsletters: Go hand in hand with the email addresses you will have just collected. The newsletter is essential to not only letting customers know what you are planning on doing but also reminding them of just what you have done for them too. It will reinstate their customer loyalty, whilst also making them realize just why they follow your brand in the first place.



If you stay consistent with these 5 things, you will only see your audience grow and your customer loyalty flourish this year! Remaining consistent is key to securing any of the above, but provided you believe in your brand and want to make it work we don’t see how this will be a problem…