Our aim is to find a range of entrepreneurial people in different fields, as well as those that are doing things that may inspire others. Although our twenties are some of the best years of our lives, they can also be fraught with uncertainty and uneasiness as to what we should be doing or even ‘think’ we should be doing. Not everyone follows the same beaten path and perhaps some people don’t know how to get onto another. By reading interviews with people who have decided to be slightly more innovative with their decisions, we think this could really invigorate as well as inspire others to do the same. What these individuals all have in common is that they are in their twenties. You can read interviews with the steps that they took, the challenges that they faced and just why they started doing what they’re doing. Each month a new release of different interviewees will be released. Having an eclectic mix of people is something The Twenty Mile Club values highly and we are proud to say we have compiled a very diverse group of individuals.

Whether we’re sinking, swimming or just treading water we’re all in the Twenty Mile Club-this is an open invitation.