Do you network a lot? Or does your work entail meeting a lot of new faces? Maybe you’re just shocking with faces and names in both your professional and personal life…Thinking of occasions where you will actually have to introduce people is always slightly daunting. You’ll get the eye roll at least once for sure. We’ve met at least 4 times they will say, as you feign horror (when you are in fact horrified)!


Oh yes, of coooourse! Followed by awkward chuckling (just you) as you know you are silently being crossed off their Christmas card list forever more. Well fear not, there is an app to solve all your problems. One that the writers at the Twenty Mile Club are only too familiar with: Namerick.

Namerick improves your memory of people’s names using repetition and mnemonics modelled from memory ‘athletes’ and studies of the human memory. The app allows you to quickly record someone’s names, whilst also enabling you to write down notes about that particular individual. This can include what they are wearing, where you met them and anything else that will enhance your memory of them.


Namerick can be used for  

  • Business
  • Dating
  • Their Parents
  • Managers
  • Friends
  • Organisers


Remembering someone’s name strengthens your relationship with them, inserting both trust and confidence as you continue your working and personal relations moving forward. It also saves you from that general awkwardness that we all loathe.


‘Remember that a person’s name is to them…the sweetest and most important sound in any language’

– Dale Carneige, How to Win Friends & Alienate People.


So, there you have the app of the week- that will help rather than hinder your life moving forward.



Twenty Mile Club