We can’t stop talking about Badass Gal– the Young Creative Council’s equality platform- in the Twenty Mile Club hub space. We have been mightily impressed at the launch of their bold online fashion collection, transforming sexist stereotypes into empowering statements to champion equality in the creative industries!

Want to hear more?!

The one-of-a-kind collection – called Fearless Types – features five unique tee shirts designed by members of the Badass Gal community. The collection will be used to raise money to empower more women in the creative industries.

Badass Gal – a platform created by Charlotte Hugh and Danny Pallett of the Young Creative Council to elevate and support young women in the creative industries – has been on a mission to champion equality and the diverse pool of female talent.

The popularity of the platform caught the attention of creative duo, Emilia Buggins and Olly Cooper, who approached Charlotte and Danny with the idea of a fashion collection that rewrites sexist stereotypes.

Olly said, “We saw the Badass Gals and they blew us away. Yet that same day I read an article about women still dealing with gender stereotypes in the workplace. I couldn’t get it. We have fearless, empowered women literally rewriting the stereotype but these out-of-date sexist statements are still being used. That’s when Em and I had the idea for Fearless Types. We immediately called Charlotte and Danny.”

“Badass Gal has been a huge success,” said Charlotte. “People within our creative community regularly get in touch to see how they can get involved and help us champion equality. We’re so happy Emilia and Olly came to us with Fearless Types.”

With the team on-board, the four put a call out to the Badass Gal community for help designing the collection. They soon had a queue of talented women eager to get involved.

“The response was crazy”, said Emilia. “We only had plans to release five tee shirt designs but so many women wanted to get involved. There’s going to be a lot more designs on the way. The future is full of empowered Badass Gals. That’s a wonderful thing.”

“We’re so excited to share this collection with the world,” added Danny. “We believe it has the power to break down the stereotypes women still get labelled with on a daily basis.”

The Twenty Mile Club are impressed and you should be too. If you want to buy a      T-shirt, you can find them on sale at www.shop.badass.gal with all profits raised going towards championing equality in the creative industries.  Finally if you know a Badass Gal be sure to nominate them at www.badass.gal/nominate.


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