The thing about waking up and pursuing your dream, vocation or business idea, is that the person who has to appear 100% confident of its success is you. This is no easy feat, especially when deep down you can’t really be so sure. I mean how can you be? You can’t predict the future. There will be days where that ‘100% of self-assuredness’, will be slightly wobbly…That 100, will creep down to 90, before slowly diminishing to 70 and then 50! Suddenly you’re only 50% sure it’s a good idea and that it will work or that you are making the right decision. For the really bad days, you’ll even find yourself hovering at 30% whereupon you start to call all the informal therapists in your life, be it parent, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or unwavering friend.


Cheerleaders are great for raising morale and believing their team to be the best. They accept their team may not have won the last four or five games on the field, but that they know they’ll win the next one! When the cheerleaders flock to the game, rain or shine to show their support, the team cannot help but feel boosted.


They believe in me!


As fabulous as it would be, to have a flock of girls cheering you on as you made all your life decisions (whether it be choosing a business partner, deciding to move abroad or debating whether to have a steak or a salad), alas, it isn’t the case for most- unless perhaps you’re in a cult- then maybe it’s the norm for you!

You essentially now represent the team. The person who is having to unconditionally back themselves (at least vocally) is you. The saying goes, if you don’t act like you believe it then no one else will…well it’s true. But for everyone who is only too familiar with being their very own cheerleader, they know it’s tiring and at times discouraging. Not only do you have to be lead cheerleader at the front, you have to be the one at the back doing the heavy lifting. You then have to be that perfect somersault and that perfect finish. At least to the rest of the world…


When you’re your own biggest cheerleader, you very rarely get to have an off day. The goal of whatever it is you’re trying to pursue, achieve or obtain ends up being the driving force behind everything that you do. When you’re lying in bed, standing in the shower, mindlessly walking, fervently talking or attempting and failing to fall asleep. It’s the plague that follows us and yet it’s the drug that keeps us cheering. The trick essentially is to not to get ill. To start believing the ‘nay-sayers’, rather than the ‘yay-yayers’. Don’t get so bogged down in reaching ‘it’ that you no longer love it anymore.

The great thing about human beings is we are pretty resilient to rejection. A little bit of rejection is actually great for us, as much as we loathe it when we are in the midst of it.

Having some key people around us when we want to do something slightly unconventional is crucial. See them as the guys who brings on the water and oranges at half time. You’re feeling parched now, but a couple glugs of water and an orange slice will rejuvenate you in no time.

Also, as exhausted as you may be at the end of a ‘cheer shift’, it’s perhaps not wrong to suggest that when your mid cheer you’re reminded of all the reasons why you’re doing it. And ultimately, you know that it’s worth it.



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