Name: Perry Alexander


D.O.B: 07/03/1987


Where’s home? North London


Profession: Co – founder / Brand Director of CanO Water


Company Name: CanO Water


Did you go to university?

I didn’t attend University, none of the co – founders of CanO Water did. I always felt that learning on the job suited me better. After leaving school I was fortunate enough to teach myself all the graphic skills I needed to get a job. Graphic Design was a real passion of mine and I dedicated practically all my spare time to learning about it.


What is CanO Water?

CanO Water is a sleek 330ml releasable can of natural spring water created as an alternative to single use plastic water bottles.


How did the idea for CanO Water come about?

Plastic is increasingly being recognised to be bad for your health and for the environment. We saw a gap in the market for a new innovative product to become the alternative to single-use plastic bottles. We wanted to create something with a purpose and not just another brand that slipped into an already saturated market. Aluminum is the most recyclable material on the planet and a more sustainable alternative to plastic.



What were the challenges in initially setting up CanO Water?

Everything… none of us came from a beverage producing background; there was a lot of liaising with investors, can manufacturers and people from the industry, as well as making sure everything was legally compliant. When we first came up with the idea of launching CanO Water, it was a huge challenge but the support from Josh and Ariel made every risk & dilemma easier as we all kept the motivation ticking along.


Who did you seek advice from and who really helped you in the early stages?

Friends & family were a massive support when we first came up with CanO Water.  We reached out far and wide to those who have previous experience in the industry to seek any advice and top tips.



What pressures do you think many twenty-somethings are faced with?

Financial independence, to be able to have enough money in the bank to enjoy life after a hard day’s work and to be able to secure your future financially.


Did you ever doubt yourself that you could do it?

Probably… every other hour? However, you must put your doubts aside and just focus on the end goal and keep moving forward as setting up your own business is an up and down roller-coaster.


How do you market CanO Water?

Being three young entrepreneurs we used marketing tools such as Xero, as well as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We believe social media, street activations and pop ups are great platforms to get CanO Water’s mission statement out to as many people as possible.


What do you wish you had known then that you know now?

Is everything an option? Probably knowing how to run a business and how the logistics and distribution works as we deal with it every day.


Any personality traits you have discovered about yourselves along the way?

Personally, I have become a better listener and have learnt not to jump the gun and being able to separate business and personal feelings.


Any mishaps along the way?

Our first main hiccup was when we received our first batch of still cans from the manufacture. We opened the package and to our disappointment they were pearly silver instead of matte white. We realised this was due to a lack of base coat of the can. As much as we were frustrated deep down we had to keep a smile on our faces and keep outreaching to buyers and stockists.


What has been your best moment so far as a result of setting up CanO Water?

It is the greatest feeling receiving appreciation from the public as well as seeing celebrities such as David Gandy and Jourdan Dunn holding a CanO Water.


What advice would you give other twenty-something’s who are thinking of pursuing a career in the same industry as you?

I would recommend that the best first step is being able to notice a gap in the market and create a more innovative practical solution.


What do you think the next steps are for you this year and what should we look out for this year?

We are going to branch out to a range of additional products and keep growing and educating the general public about the damaging effects of plastic bottles on our health and our environment.


What’s the dream?

To abolish all single use plastic bottles and create a CanO Water empire.


Finish the end of these sentences


  1. In your twenties the three things I tend to think about are…work, design and coffee


  1. When I look at my bank statement after a night out I usually… close my eyes


  1. The Twenty Mile Club is awesome


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