Stop talking about your last night out. Stop talking about the traffic this morning, yes it was annoying that the bridge was closed – ye olde Yorkshire floods, but its boring chat. No one cares Sophie. Sometimes I catch myself doing it and just say sorry-its irrelevant.


There are so many more worthwhile natters, to enrich your life, to not complain about and to change a perspective. Life goes on does it not?

My name is Sophie and I’m fundraising for the Daisy Appeal and people want to know that you’re making an impact. They want to know that their money is making a difference. I also want that, because that’s the aim. And to ensure more life does go on.


Currently we are on the mission of raising £2m and unlike mission impossible this is real, and with real lives. This money will go towards utensils that we wouldn’t think twice about, such as a new scanner to help people with illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and dementia.

In the words of Rihanna ‘you see me I be work work work work’, and she’s right. I have to work my ass off to ensure we’re getting as much dollar that’s needed, but I’m also trying to think like a donator always asking “What difference will my money make?” Not “How to tug on the heartstrings, because this is a bloody worthwhile cause?” To do this fresh ideas are key, I’m talking as fresh as Will Smith in the 90’s.


The script is this- to build a £4.25m radiochemistry and cyclotron unit so we can produce our own radioactive tracers. This will allow us to scan patients with certain heart and neurological conditions.
If you turned off or heard the word cyclotron and thought it was Dr Who, I don’t blame you. It’s very jargonized and technical, but it needs to be, its clever stuff! Tis’ the equipment, and the scientific brains, that are giving us the opportunity to save many lives.


I came across the charity when I was in a very insignificant place. I had just come back from travelling, half hippy, very lost and with no direction. I visited my granddad often in hospital, yearning for the wisdom and understanding of the world that he held in his mind that had developed over time… However, these moments are no longer as they once were since he’s been diagnosed with a form of dementia. I started projects for the Daisy Appeal that month and within the second month my Dad got diagnosed with Lymphoma.


I am not a Neanderthal who is hunting and gathering money, I am a wannabe zeitgeist, seeking enrichment and I am emotionally invested in this, as are most of the population. Everyone has a story or knows someone who has been affected-whether it be directly or indirectly. To end this piece on a positive note, the way in which I am raising money is through fun events and challenges. I hope to keep you updated with our progress and if you have ideas or want to donate (even just a smidge) here is a link


My dad is smashing it and has an incredible positive outlook, and as the saying goes… if that doesn’t work there is always the Walter White way.