Dear Abigail, 21

March to the beat of your own drum. Block out the people who like to tell you on a regular basis, that what you’re doing isn’t quite right. That’s their opinion. These sad little people who like to get kicks out of making you feel inadequate…Don’t let them get you down, seriously- just feel sorry for them. The fact that putting you down gives them ‘that hit’ is laughable- LAUGH AT THEM!


You put up with a lot of these types of people for a good long stretch- unfortunately your mother knew these types of ladies in the masses. Coming home to see the family wasn’t always the most pleasurable of experiences, due to the fact  ‘the brigade’ would descend on the kitchen before you’d even had breakfast!


These types of people will always make you second-guess yourself until one day you decide you don’t give a damn. You start to think ‘So What?’. When people realise their comments don’t get under your skin as much, its funny how their interest in being awful starts to wane. The ‘hit’ is not so great for them suddenly when they realise their comments don’t affect you as they once did.


So there you have it. Stick a finger up to those that make you second-guess yourself. Trust me, you have nothing to worry about



Abigail, 67