Dear Freddie, 25


Discover jazz earlier!


Uncover things as opposed to waiting for things to happen to you. It’s all very well stumbling across things but as you get older you realise just how sacred your time is. By waiting for things to happen, you are taking your time for granted.


When you’re a twenty-something, you have much more freedom than if you are a thirty, forty, fifty something (and so on). You’re responsibility isn’t so great. You have the ability to make selfish choices because you’re only looking out for yourself. Don’t be so preoccupied with having to tick things off the list in the order that your parents dictate to you. It is not the end of the world if you haven’t settled down with a nice, young woman by 27, despite you’re mother proclaiming otherwise. Go and do things and don’t be put off by what others are doing, if this is what prevents you.


Don’t you always look at the ones that decided to do something different as the ‘brave ones’? You will always be in awe of the ones that chose exciting over following ‘conventional’ (but that’s not to say your life has been boring at all). This letter is just to remind you, that don’t be held back by anyone stopping you from pursuing anything you desire when you are in the peak of your youth. The great thing about youth is that it is on your side and that is why I cannot stress how much you should utilyze it. Because once your youth is gone it really is gone.


There is no clock to turn back the time. So as I said before, don’t just wait for things to happen, uncover them yourself and then you will have even more time to enjoy them


Freddie, 55