Dear Laurence, 28

You are very good at saying you will do something but not so good at following it through. There is apparently always tomorrow. You, Dominic and James would spend many a night drinking your selves silly about your plans and dreams. The things you would achieve and the people you were going to be. Having hopes and dreams is what keeps us going, but imagine following through with these hopes and dreams. How satisfying would that be?


 There isn’t always tomorrow Laurence. Especially as tomorrow becomes the day after, which becomes next week, next month and finally next year. How many years will you wait before you start to think ‘I wish I had?’


The thing about tomorrow is you’re not getting any younger. With age becomes more responsibility. More constraints and hurdles for you to navigate your way through. The sheer thought of the extra effort you will have to put in, in order to achieve these aspirations suddenly becomes too great to bear. This is what happens to you and you will silently blame everything and everyone but yourself for never having tried. There isn’t always tomorrow, so why not act today?


Laurence, 70