Dear Matthew, 28


It’s funny how growing up you were told never to go against the grain.


Going against the grain was something that was frowned upon. It meant you were doing something different amongst your peers. It meant that you were stepping out of line. It meant something negative.


It’s different to the youth of today. You will see them doing everything to go against the grain or stand out against the crowd. At first I used to resent them as they represented all the things that I had been afraid to be; but with time as I see all the amazing things that they do I realize I am envious of their fearlessness. Their need to stand out to be heard, to instigate change or to just live their lives in the way that they want to.


It’s a freedom you always craved but never actively went about getting. Not that you really knew how to anyway. You always felt this over whelming pressure to conform, you could be nothing but straight down the line. None of these zigzags or curve balls we see today. I would have liked us to have been a curve ball; I think there is great opportunity for those that are that way inclined.


So perhaps what I would like to say to you, is don’t be afraid of going against the grain.


Matthew, 56