Dear Rowena, 27

You make a lot of mistakes. You make so many mistakes in fact, that people were almost never surprised when you told them of another hiccup.Making mistakes is just a learning curve. Just because things aren’t plain sailing for you for a couple months or even a couple years, doesn’t mean you’re a liability. Mistakes are called mistakes because you don’t mean to do them; they’re not malicious.It becomes apparent to you that soon others would relish in your stories because it made them feel less like failures or fuck ups. Your wrongs, reminded themselves of how many rights they were making.
Everyone has periods in their lives that aren’t as favourable as other times. It’s the people who choose to remain loyal to you through the bad times that are entitled to be with you through the good times.I do think hardships build character. I do think hardships make you laugh at yourself that bit better. I do think hardships make you human. No one wants to be a Stepford Wife; a robot of perfection. Those that appear to be often have darker secrets than they’re letting on anyway. 

Believe it or not things do come together for you. You will wake up one morning soon and feel tired of being tired. You will make a phone call to your mother and say exactly that. You will go home for an entire month and catch up on sleep and home cooking. You will have long chats with your mother as you reflect on everything you thought you would be and everything you still could be. You will then return to your flat and implement the small changes you spoke of to your mother. No one can be an overnight success- small changes work towards small improvements.



Rowena, 34