Dear Twenty Something Self

You are still married to George! This calls for huge congratulations considering everyone from your mother to the church vicar told you it was destined for failure.


I want you to keep doing what you always did and just ignore those people who doubted you. You always do what is right for you, which makes me so happy; as you never will meet anyone better for you than George. He may not talk properly and pronounce all of the letters properly and he may sometimes spend too long in the pub but he is the right one for you. A soul mate is someone who makes you laugh and stays with you through thick and thin and that is what he is to you.


One day you will get very sick and your hair will drop out. Those are the days no one tells you about in your twenties. No one tells you how important it is to find the person willing to stay with you, even when your are at your worst. To get better you will be on all sorts of medication and the steroids will make your face swell up like a balloon. George will visit you every day and will religiously update you on what has been going on in Coronation Street!

He makes you want to get better and you do.

Thank you for not relenting against those who told you George wasn’t the right person for you. He is.


Silvia, 86