Classic motivational phrases we are all too familiar with are the following

 The Sky Is The Limit


Dream Big


The World Is Your Oyster


Be The Best Version Of You



Right… I am all for a classic motivational quote to get me going in the morning, that kick up the arse to make me think ‘cor’ I can do this’ but are we perhaps at times, disillusioned by our way of thinking? Are these statements perhaps damaging just as much as they are motivational? Can these statements make others believe that what they have is just never enough?


I believe so. We are living in the ever-evolving digital age. Not so much baby boom as it is start-up bonanza. Not so much old school Hollywood as it is Instagram influencer. The photographs online tell us that we aren’t living the dream; that the dream is actually in that photograph that you see before you and that to be deemed successful, you should also try to obtain that lifestyle too. The birth of the digital age has also created a digital reality and it’s hard to decipher what actually is real and what is not.


We read articles celebrating twenty-something wonders; those who’ve created smash hit sitcoms, billion dollar social media platforms or written an award winning book all before they are 30 and that’s where we set the bar. These twenty-something wonders dreamt big and so shall we, we won’t settle for average because we are brilliant…


There is a huge problem here that could be considered rather toxic for our mental well being if we continue to believe that we are. This does not mean you are settling. This does not mean you are average. This does not mean you are seeking to be second rate.


It is OK to be content with what you have. If you are always striving for something better and are comparing yourself to the standards you see through ‘digital reality’ you have to ask yourself will you ever truly be happy?


I am all in favour of dreaming big, but it’s finding the balance of what can be attainable. If you want X don’t just expect it to just happen to you. Be the driving force behind that dream so it becomes a real reality not a fake one.


This digital reality that we are flooded with every day is enforcing this idea that you can have everything through working hard for nothing and it is simply not true. Allowing your self to believe that this way of living is commonplace is wrong on so many levels. This generation of young professionals need to wake up to this or I fear that when they do wake up they will feel like they never reached the sky, had an oyster or were the best they could be.


Don’t be disillusioned by a digital reality that allows you to think you can achieve big dreams with minimal work. If you want to obtain your dreams, accept you have to work hard and that they don’t fall into your lap. You can’t wake up brilliant; you have to work at it…