Name (s):

 Alex Wright & Jack Scott


 A: 29/11/1991

 J: 21/8/1990


Where’s home?

 A: Peckham

 J: Parsons Green



Founders of Dash


 Company Name:

 Dash Water


  Did you go to university?

 A: Yep, I was at Manchester University. A great one for nightlife and sport.

 J: Yes, I was at Bristol University. Great memories!


 Was it a clear-cut path after you left in terms of what you wanted to do?

A: Absolutely, I was hell bent on going into the city. But after some part time work at another soft drinks company I ended up staying in Food & Beverages and loving the industry… thank God I didn’t end up suited & booted in office life every day!

J: I’ve always wanted to be involved in Food and Drink, I think this comes from being brought up on a farm. So when I met with William Kendal (chairman of Cawston Press) after university, I jumped at an opportunity that was going!


What exactly is Dash Water? 

 Dash Water is British sparkling spring water infused with misshapen fruit and vegetables to add a subtle dash of flavour.


How did the two of you meet?

 J: I first met Alex when he joined Cawston, we spent the morning in Soho selling , he sold the Cawston cans into a coffee shop that I had been trying to sell for 3 months!


 How did the idea for Dash Water come about ?

 A: Dash was born from bringing  a water bottle with infused fruit & vegetables into the office each day. We couldn’t find anything like it on the go… and so Dash was born.


 What have been the challenges in setting up Dash Water?

 A: Production has been tricky, getting a long shelf life product made using natural ingredients has thrown up a few issues


 Who did you seek advice from and who really helped you in the early stages?

A: Back when Dash was merely a concept we pitched the idea to Virgin Startup who have been super supportive. We received some funding & a mentor called Ben Keene who has helped startup dozens of businesses.


 What pressures do you think many twenty-somethings are faced with?

 A: Financial pressure

J: I think there all sorts of pressures for twenty-somethings. For me it’s the time when your finding your feet in the world and meeting expectations you set for yourself can be extremely hard!


Did either of you ever doubt yourselves that you could do it?

A: I think you always need to back yourself & your product… this confidence is reinforced when others say they love what you’re doing too

J: I think you always have thoughts of doubt, but that’s just natural isn’t it? I’m extremely confident in the product. The hard work starts now!


How do you market yourselves?

A: Our target audience is anyone who’s fed up with sugar and artificially filled soft drinks

J: We have fun on social media channels, but in terms of advertising we will be doing very little. Product on shelves will be our main form of marketing, and making sure the right people are drinking Dash in the right environment.


 Are either of you guilty of having the odd soft drink?

A: Absolutely, but as you would see from my car boot I have a real addiction to straight sparkling water!

J: For sure, from time to time a red coke, especially if you’ve had a few drinks the night before!


What do you wish you had known then that you know now?

A: If we’d known the production team we partner with now, back when we started it would have saved a load of time & cash!

J: In the ins and outs of canning a product, its amazing how hard it is, so many things to take into consideration and understand.


Any mishaps along the way?

A: One or two, yes! I could give a very lengthy list of production hurdles that would send you to quickly to sleep.

 J: We rented a van and drove 6 hours to collect some water from our spring in Wales, but without going into detail the water got contaminated overnight, disaster!


What has been your best moment so far?

A: Creating our first batch of drinks. We enjoyed a few beers that evening!

J: Yeah has to be trying Dash for the first time, it tasted better than I ever imagined!


What advice would you give other twenty-something’s who are thinking of pursuing a career in the same industry as you?

 A: If you strongly believe you’ve got a good idea get testing it. It’s best to test on people you don’t know, they’ll give you the best unbiased opinion

J: My advice to someone thinking of getting into the Food and Drink world would be work for a company that is growing and that your confidant will be around in 5 years time, it sounds obvious but being part of winning team is 10x more enjoyable!


What do you think the next steps are for you this year?

A: To see lots of people enjoying Dash in 2017

 J: Sell, sell and sell


What’s the dream?

A: For Dash to be the kit sponsors of Arsenal FC

J: For it to be stocked in our little local convenience store in Shropshire, I think that’s when I know Dash is getting somewhere (them stocking it without me selling it to them of course!!).


And finally….Dash Water is great with….

A: Vodka & Lime on a late sunny afternoon

J: Your Sandwich at lunch time


Dash Water comes in two nourishing flavours: Cucumber & Lemon

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