‘Crunchy Nut Cornflakes are just Frosties for wankers’

‘Yeah well frosties are just cornflakes for people who can’t face reality’


Ah iconic Peep Show. For those that aren’t familiar, familiarize yourself- there are times when I believe that Peep Show is the silent narrator to my life. That I second guess myself and wonder whether I really am in denial. Why would anyone want cornflakes over frosties anyway? Frosties look and taste better- no doubt a given, as you are more a less eating an entire bowl of sugar.


I called my informal therapist (AKA the mother) and started telling her about all the new and not so fun variables in my life and she had no qualms in telling me


‘This is life. Welcome to reality’


Never one to mince her words. It really is that horrible realisation that the world isn’t as hum drum as you once thought it was.

There are exes– thanks time hop.

There are bills– they won’t magically disappear.

There are hangovers – they won’t fuck off either, if anything, they’re only getting worse.

Then there are those feelings of not quite knowing what the future holds- probably the most consistent variable of them all!


I am by no means saying my life is hard. I mean the biggest travesty between my house mates and I was when the washing machine door momentarily broke for 4 whole days. The group chat revolved around everyone giving themselves an alibi the day it broke and also who would call Tim (the landlord). We concluded it was quite possible that the door ‘just broke’.


There are always things that we don’t like doing and more often than not the things we like doing the least tend to get put off for as long as it’s viable. Until a formal letter, email or perhaps a bad smell occurs, we can pretend it – whatever it may be- isn’t actually there. We end up over dramatizing in our heads just how bad, bad can be. The problem is as much as we would love these things to go away, more often than not they won’t. By putting off the inevitable, you are only dragging out what will happen and adding to those feelings of unease.


Reality isn’t always something we want to face but sometimes you just have to knock it on the head. By all means have a bowl of Frosties, but to avoid the ‘sugar crash’ after you’ve had it, just remember to mix up with some cornflakes…



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