At the Twenty Mile Club, we like finding an eclectic mix of people ‘doing it for themselves’ because we know not everyone likes to follow the same beaten path. Ricky Walters came to our attention for all the right reasons. At 26, Ricky Walters is the founder and owner of his own London salon, SALON64. Hard work, continual grafting in his industry and a desire to pave a new kind of experience that one might find at the salon, bought him to where he is today and Ricky is now one of London’s most sought-after hair stylists (with big names on the block such as Sandra Bullock and Arnold Shwarzenegger under his belt).


Ricky Walters

When we caught up with Ricky, he was frank about the fact that his first introduction to hair and beauty came as a means to make some extra cash in the holidays when he was 16, rather than a burning desire for the industry. It was however, the starting point for what would fuel his eventual passion and see him earn places working in the likes of Daniel Galvin at The Corinthia & John Frieda, before going solo with his own venture SALON64. In order to capture the vibe he was going for, Ricky worked alongside award winning architect Jak Studio and creative partner Brash Brands to create what has been coined the unprecedented parlour experience, which sees the impressive build spread across two floors, covering 2, 000 square feet and being viewed as a transformative space to stimulate conversation.


What makes SALON64 different?                                                      

SALON64 is pioneering a new way for you to perceive hair and beauty, since opening its’ doors in Soho, October 2017. At the very foundation of their design, lies the conversation held between the hairdresser and the client and it is very clear to those walking in, that a ‘social hub’ has been created for the customer to feel that they are in a ‘home from home’. On walking into the salon, there is a Style Bar situated by the front window, that gives customers a chance to drink coffee (or cocktails!) with jewellery box mirrors that they can fold in or out, whilst they wait for a meeting or are getting ready to go out. For avid coffee goers, if you buy a coffee from their coffee club for 20 straight days (pe

rhaps as you walk into work) you will find yourself entitled to a swish free blow dry- just be sure to flash the guys behind the

bar, the Salon64 Coffee Loyalty card. With Ricky’s work featured in the likes of GQ, Vogue, The Financial Times and Hello, Ricky has reimagined his craft specifically for the millennial era with a luxurious multi-functional space that connects hair and beauty with the social experience. He appreciates that the goal posts have moved in his arena and people need beauty to be more accessible and on-the-go, for it to work into their day-to-day lives.

This was reiterated when we visited the salon ourselves and saw customers use it as a social escape around their hectic work schedules, whilst still being able to feel connected. When we went in for our own blow dry, it was apparent to us that this was a salon for the classic on the go twenty-something professional, with plug and USB sockets for your phones and laptops at the ready and cup holders for coffee for those needing their caffeine top up.


Ricky himself, was down to earth and modest at just what he had achieved at only 26. Ricky says, “SALON64 offers a new and revolutionary experience for both men and women. The traditional hair salon as we know it, is now dead. In a world where how you work, how you pamper yourself and how you relax is constantly changing, SALON64 embraces and recognises what that means. This is about what the customer needs and wants for the 21st Century.”


It is people like Ricky who are paving their own way, in the industries that they love that we get excited to meet, because they really open your eyes to just how many opportunities there are out there if you really hustle.

So, if you’re in Soho and looking for a totally different salon experience, then pop into Salon64 and meet Ricky and the team. It won’t be long before you’ll see multiple Salon64’s popping up right across London- but it’s always great to get behind someone’s start up journey from the beginning.



SALON64, 14 Bateman Street, Soho,

London, W1D 3AG

Find SALON64 on their website here

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