We like to talk. We like to talk a lot. We talk about the places we will go and the things we will do and the amazing things that we will see. ‘I will-I will-I will…’ but will you?

Most people are constrained by the same things in life. Money being a huge factor in why we can’t just necessarily pack up and leave. However money is not the only root beneath our feet that leads to the seed that says no. Because we all know if we really truly wanted to, we could save. Yes it would be dull, slow and at times painstakingly long but surely it would be worth it? That Friday or Saturday night that you would be passing on, would surely not differ so hugely to every other Friday and Saturday night that has already been… You would be surrounded by the same kind of people, going to similar types of places and doing the same kind of activities. You know the drill only too well.


This leads onto being anxious of just what excitements you think you will miss by suddenly not being present. ‘This person’s birthday’, ‘That night we always do in August’, ‘Friday Boy’s Lunches’. The list is endless. We can’t do everything. Those things will always remain; that person will still have a birthday next year, that night or event will most likely still feature somewhere-perhaps a different venue-and God Forbid the lunches will stop once you leave. The fear of missing out is prominent within our generation but just reason with yourself all the things you will be doing should you take the plunge and leave.

‘My career’, is also a big factor and one I think I empathise with the most. Everyone wants to get somewhere at some point and being in a situation in which you are financially secure especially at a later stage in your life is an important one. However, we put so much pressure onto ourselves, that we should be making X by the time we reach Y and we should be at point A by the time we are doing B, that where does it leave room for travel? Where does it lead room for exploration and that sense of freedom? When will you ever have the time in your career to travel if you don’t have the time to go now in your twenties?

Look at the wider picture as opposed to the literal picture. When will there ever be a right time to go? When will someone not be hosting something, when will you not be striving to make X by the time you reach Y? It will only get harder as we get older because as life takes it natural course suddenly we will find ourselves in positions in which we perhaps won’t be alone. We may suddenly find ourselves tied down to a relationship, be it a spouse, a child, an older loved one.

There will always be an excuse why you can’t do something but how about change the way you think and reason just why you should be doing something different like travel.


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