‘I shoulda, coulda, woulda…’ we all do it. Moments of self-reflection where we openly voice concern for the things we should have done. This then hits a 360 as we start talking about the things that we shouldn’t have done (that list is marginally bigger…)

I mean you’re not dead are you? If it is something that plays on your mind and you think it’s going to always be that one thing you bang on about as they wheel you into theater at 100, don’t you want to make a drastic U-turn? Are there ways? Plenty. Are there obstacles? Always. Have you got the time? Well. But is there time? YES. There is bags of time, even though you will kid yourself otherwise.

What is stopping you? ‘MANY FACTORS’ you will say and in all honesty I am going to agree with you on most of them. The biggest one being whilst you may have ‘bags of time’ you haven’t got ‘bags of money’ – perhaps the worst factor of them all! Money is crucial when you’re in the throes of trying to do your show stopping U-turn because it is essentially the thing that will feed, clothe and house you as you try and ‘work everything out’. Money allows you to go back to university, go to evening classes, buy any of the resources that you might need, start you off on your new business venture. If there is a will there is a way though and there are ways around it. If you really want something, look into grants or bursaries, work your self into the ground to afford the tools you need to be at the place that you want.

There will always be people telling you not do something. Reasoning why it would not be wise ‘but you’re already 27’. Stop traffic, because you are at the ancient age of TWENTY-SEVEN! We can see your varicose veins and dentures from across the kitchen counter, he’s right-abort the plan NOW! More often than not, these people are voicing their own fears. They perhaps would never have the courage to do what you are planning to do, but there is a reason why we are all wired differently. You will kick your self at 87 when you realize JUST HOW YOUNG TWENTY SEVEN IS!

‘But the fear of failure!’ you will say. Yes admittedly, this one is always going to hurt, perhaps even more than the loss of any money you may have managed to scrape together. We are proud as people. We care what other people think to some degree. We care how we are perceived and we don’t want to be considered failures. I think there is a misconception that once you have failed at one thing, you are sent away and all your rights to ever try anything again will be taken away from you. Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you can’t try again. You could fail three more times (you may be feeling the purse strings tighten slightly by this point) but you are entitled to make mistakes and to fail. Sometimes it takes failing something, to give you another perspective.

More often than not what tends to be the biggest factor stopping us from quite literally doing the things that we want is ourselves. We really are our own worst enemies, our biggest critics. However, we are quick to point the blame elsewhere. I can’t because of…I couldn’t because of…well you can. It is that simple. However, sometimes the thought of actual hard graft can be daunting. Why can everything not just be handed to me? Why is no one helping me? I am not doing that!
We want but we don’t always want to work hard. Well then you’ll have to deal with the consequences of the mentality, be that person at 100, getting wheeled down to theatre croaking ‘I could have been…’

The difference is, you still can be. It really is sometimes mind over matter. We are strong willed as people you just have to ask yourself how much you want something. The next steps are taking the courage to just go and do it.

C. Moncrieff