Apples fucking hurt. They hurt a lot. And thrown at full pelt by a young gentleman who is considered rather cool makes said apple in question hurt more. Apple-to-face. Fuck. That hurts.


It was my own fault really. I had been 14 and stood at the back of a gaggle of girls and I could see said gentleman in question. He was casually tossing this bright green granny smith apple in the air and had spied us. Fresh meat. No one had noticed but me-or perhaps everyone had, but they were choosing to stay calm and walk accordingly like they didn’t notice the potential bomb that was in his hand. I decided to make a choice and decided to calculate the probability of him throwing G.Smith at the group (high) and the probability of it hitting someone at the back (me-also high). I was never good at math and probabilities were not my strong point either, so I decided to take a risk, deciding that the chances of the apple hitting a person who stood at the front of the fresh meat pack would be considerably lower (no one was that good at aiming surely-it was sure to fly past those at the front and wallop someone at the back).


So with subtly I sidled my way to the front of the pack, sure I had made the best-calculated choice. I would say these calculations were totally off point from the get go because at 14, I was a good foot taller than my peers, as well as being pretty solid in build- puberty had hit me hard early. Therefore, one could almost argue I had almost created a human shield for those that stood behind me. (Admirable if it were even remotely true).


Smack! The apple hit me hard in the face. There were shrills of screams as I stood in shock clutching my face. I was swarmed by an onslaught of girls, which only added to the hysteria of the situation. The shit in question scarpered and I had no choice but to smile like a crazy person insisting I was fine (because this was of course done in front of the entire field). It was only once I had soldiered to the safe walls of the school did I allow myself to bawl. Oh the shame.


It had been a foolish risk, but I had made a choice and I had been met with the repercussions of that choice. Every day we have to make choices and we have no idea what the outcome will be. We have to weigh out decisions that we think will affect us either directly or indirectly. Some of us like to play it safe and rightly so, metaphorically speaking getting hit by an apple fucking hurts and we don’t want that. However, sometimes you have to quite literally bite the bullet and take the risk because you never know what will happen if you don’t. Don’t let it be the one regret you always think of, ten or twenty years from now. So you may get hit by an apple, but hey at least you tried…