No one is exempt from identity capital because it is something we all subconsciously or unknowingly invest into ourselves. We are each our own pack of dominos however choosing the direction in which each domino falls, largely depends on the carefully selected piece we selected at that moment in time. That piece can symbolize different choices; be it relationships we’ve made amongst friends and family or the course we chose to study at university, the jobs we applied for or even the jobs we’ve been fired for. Each domino piece metaphorically makes up a piece of our own identity capital and what we ‘essentially have’ to offer.


HOWEVER what if you think you’re worth more than your supposed identity capital says you are? What if your job doesn’t push you to be your best potential and your relationships have either held you back or put you down? What if to be blunt, you’re in a bit of a shit hole and you’re none the wiser as to which way is up, where you’re going or what the fuck you should be doing. Well fear not. This is a common feeling of nausea most of us are more than acquainted with. All is not lost. Grasp onto the fact that you’re in your twenties and you have more control of your identity capital now than at any other point in your life.


Invest in your interests and what you want to be doing not what you think you should be doing. We all do it and succumb to pressures through friends, families and social media but ultimately you’re the one who has to wake up every morning and squeeze yourself on the tube, bus or train to whatever that ‘interest’ is- so why not make it a real one and invest yourself further within that interest to ensure that you succeed in whatever that is as much as you can.



Real life is REAL for a reason. We as a generation have been blind sited by apps such as Instagram and various other platforms that tell us ‘life should be like this’ or even ‘You don’t have to work hard to still attain everything your heart desires’. We as Generation-Y need to shake off this mentality, because its not been doing us any favours and we still need to work hard to get to the places we would like to be-even doing the initial brunt work we all loathe.


-Keep the commitments you make. Your integrity is important and you don’t want to be considered someone who is unreliable or even ‘flakey’


-Identify some goals you would like to make. Be realistic though. Outline ways in which you can meet those goals or at least how you can build up to them. It doesn’t have to be within strict deadlines these are for you and no one else. You’ll essentially be getting back what you put in.


Your identity capital is yours alone. What you do with it is totally up to you but you’ll never be as in control of it as you are whilst being in your twenties.