The Twenty Mile Club has a new interview on the horizon, with one half of the dynamic duo who set up Inhere. Inhere, London’s leading meditation concept, is donating its acclaimed meditation pod to City, University of London in time for the launch of its Centre for Excellence in Mindfulness Research. 

University students are increasingly reporting high levels of stress and anxiety, with recent statistics showing 8 out of 10 students experience stress and anxiety, almost half (45%) have feelings of depression. Mindfulness has been shown to be effective in relieving stress and anxiety, and with this donation Inhere founders Adiba Osmani and Ghazal Abrishamchi hope that students and staff may reap the benefits of mindfulness in the meditation pod. 

City, University of London’s newly founded Centre of Excellence in Mindfulness Research (CEMR) aims to bring together interdisciplinary expertise from scientists, expert practitioners and other stakeholders across the globe in order to inform mindfulness debate, policy and practice. City’s President Professor Sir Paul Curran will provide the opening address for the new Centre and the launch event is designed as an opportunity to share ideas and create new connections and partnerships. The pod will be donated for four months during this launch. 

Dr Trudi Edginton, Clinical Psychologist and Deputy Director of the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at City, University London, comments: “We are really excited to welcome this innovative concept from Inhere to offer our students and staff a unique opportunity to experience a range of short mindfulness practices in this new space and we look forward to measuring the effects on stress and psychological wellbeing in a series of collaborative research projects.”

The collaboration with Inhere reflects the new Centre’s commitment to exploring cutting-edge avenues for bringing mindfulness to public life, starting with its own premises at City University. Dr Jutta Tobias Mortlock, Senior Lecturer at City, University of London, explains that “mindfulness research over the last 25 years has shown consistently that when individuals and teams work together mindfully, and when mindfulness is part of the culture of an organisation, then such an organisation performs more reliably than others.” 

Inhere founders, Adiba and Ghazal, have combined expertise in meditation, mindfulness, neuroscience and nutrition. They launched the meditation pod in October 2018 to create an organic, meditative space that brings calm and clarity in the midst of busy environments. This is the second donation of the meditation pod, following its residence at Longwood Primary school in Harlow where students and teachers have enjoyed its use. Research from the use of the meditation pod at Longwood Primary will be published in April 2019.

Inhere will launch London’s newest and most innovative meditation studio later this year.

Excited? So are we- lets get zen for summer!

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