Name: Jack Cairney

Date of Birth: 07/11/86

Profession & Company Name:

Founder of

What is Befound?

Befound is a web app which enables your staff to build and consolidate a strong web presence, helping you to keep a step ahead of your competition and bring more paying customers to your site.

Why did you start it up?

After a number of years creating marketing campaigns for small businesses I found that there was a real need for a tool which not only guides businesses step by step through what they need to do to bring customers to their website, but which also allows them to bring their marketing teams together and build and consolidate a strong web presence.

When I started to look for a solution to the problem, I found that the software on the market was too complicated, expensive and difficult to use. I just couldn’t find that all in one affordable software I was after. That’s why I started Befound.

Why is SEO important?

The primacy of SEO in modern online marketing is a consequence of the way that the web is structured. People find the things they’re looking for on the web by typing words and phrases into search engines. If you can’t be found through search engines, you almost certainly won’t be found at all. SEO, and inbound marketing in general, is all about getting people to find you rather than the other way around.

This is in contrast with traditional marketing where you push out information to people. This traditional approach is still important, but nowadays it’s used in conjunction with inbound marketing. Using a combination of push and pull, you can build a comprehensive online marketing strategy which will be sure to bring success.

What is included with the Befound SEO package?

Our managed package gives you a dedicated digital marketing expert who will collaborate with you to craft the perfect SEO campaign and improve your visibility.

What are the key things which Befound will be working on for you?

We work on all areas of inbound marketing. However, initially we will focus on the following:

  • Website Report & Audit
  • Google My Business Optimisation
  • Citation Cleanup & Building
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation
  • Link Research
  • Review Strategy
  • Outreach & Relationship Building

What can you expect to see as a result of signing up with the Befound package?

Our digital marketing team will craft the perfect campaign for your business needs, and will keep you posted with what has been achieved at every stage using the Befound dashboard. You will be assigned a dedicated marketing expert who will work with your team to improve your rankings and build a strong foundation for lasting online visibility, whilst also providing you with monthly reports and suggestions along the way.

How will it benefit you and your business?

Better Keyword Rankings, a better converting website, and more paying customers to your business.

What sets it apart from competitors?

As part of our SEO campaign we not only offer a fully managed search engine optimisation service, but you also get access to the Befound web app. This app will keep you updated with website and social media analytics, brand mentions, keyword ranking, website audits and more. Befound also alerts you to any issues with your website in real time, such as it crashing or being affected by malware.

Go with Befound to help to improve the visibility of your business in search results and to drive business through your website.



Duncan Taylor Whisky:

  • “Befound has done wonders in bringing us new customers. We love how it alerts us to any issues our website has so we can react quickly and not lose any business.”

  • Befound is great! They are very big help to our company. If we ever had a question about anything they were always there to help to explain. We are kept up to date with the progress they are making and can log in and check up on what is going on at anytime.”


F1plus Training:

  • Befound has been a pleasure to work with. They are eager to support us, very helpful and friendly, and helped us increase our visibility and our customers.”


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