Evening courses, night school, whatever you want to call it. Get excited about them because there are stacks out there. I did a couple Google searches of just what was available in London and was pleased to uncover just how spoilt for choice we are for living in the city. There was a course for just about everything and it got me excited about learning again.


Doing evening courses, I believe is very personal to the individual who chooses to do them. It means you are scouring out to uptake another skill. It shows your willingness to want to learn more or to have a better understanding of something then you already do. A short course can unleash an interest, a passion or a fire and I think keeping those fires burning throughout life are important to avoid feeling purposeless, unfulfilled or discontent.


I start evening script writing courses this coming September. It’s something I have often thought about and wished I had done at various intervals in my life. There had always been something stopping me, whether it was time, money or living in a different country. I have finally decided to bite the bullet and just commit to a 6-week course, every Monday evening for 2 hours. Even if it’s not what I hope it will be, I won’t regret doing it because it will silence my subconscious wonderings.


I also think what is also pulling my enthusiasm, is being in a class with hopefully like-minded individuals, who have actively chosen to attend also. Often amongst friendship groups, whilst you have similar cross overs in regards to social activities, sports and the like, you don’t necessarily always have similar desires in relation to things that are perhaps vocational. Whilst one friend may want to climb Mount Everest, another might want to run a mile. Therefore, surrounding yourself amongst those who share a mutual interest in your vocation is a real motivational factor. You can engage and discuss in ways you wouldn’t be able to with friends who don’t share that mutual engrossment in whatever it is you have decided to dedicate your free time to. Whether you’re discussing tectonic plates, doing a foundation business course or going to film school, you can freely ‘just chat’ with those who won’t get bored.


It is so easy to get stuck into a routine and for us to become complacent, assuming that ‘this is it’. But why settle? Just like you wouldn’t settle for a partner who doesn’t stimulate you mentally, why therefore, in a sense, would you just accept your daily routine for what it is? By investing time into an evening course, you may wake up elements of your brain that haven’t been invigorated in the same way for a while. I truly believe, if the course is good enough, pursuing something outside the confines of your current profession will make you a generally happier person. This is only further supported by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, who have highlighted those that engage their time into hobbies have a greater sense of well-being.


What is more, is through investing into your vocations you’re instantly a far more interesting person. You do things outside of work, the gym and your friends, which in all honesty, not a lot of people (or at least enough people) can honestly preach that they do.