Looking for a change of scene? A change of scene in which you quite literally go to a tropical island, make new friends and learn new skills. When we were in Bali last August we spent a couple days in Canguu staying at Frii Hotel and quickly discovered that a swimming pool and bar weren’t the only things that they offered. Each morning we were greeted by about twenty people glued to their laptops learning to code (with sea views we might add!)

The 9-week program and syllabus at Le Wagon, is constantly being adapted as the coding languages advance and their teachers offer students )including complete beginners) the most relevant and cutting edge training possible.  Since starting they have had:

4200+ graduates

1120+ products built

230+ startups launched

What they say;

Le Wagon is a 9-week full-stack coding bootcamp based out of 30 cities in 20 countries. We bring coding skills to creative people who aim to create their own startup, or add a technical know-how to their skillset.

We strongly believe that there is a good way of building web products. During our bootcamp, we teach you how successful startups work: design your project’s wireframe & mockup, test your UX with a prototype, split your user stories across your team and collaborate with branch and pull requests with git and Github.

We also teach you how to learn, and what tools to use to do so (Heroku, Stripe, MailChimp, Cloudinary, Algolia…) You learn how to implement all these services to be more efficient when you launch your product.

At the end of the bootcamp, you will be able to build a web product from scratch, design a relational database and build queries with SQL, integrate a 3rd service using an API or scrape HTML data, and be able to learn a new programming language very quickly, which is extremely important in the fast-paced environment of web development.

The coding bootcamp teaches you all the web stack, from the database to the browser. You will learn the core concepts of object-oriented programming, and structure your software following design patterns like MVC. In addition to mastering back-end programming languages (Ruby, SQL), you will develop your front-end skills using recent techniques like flexbox, CSS grid and learn ES6, the latest version of JavaScript.

The program is broken down into prepwork, foundations, web development and projects.

The days are split into learning, lectures, yoga and on some days talks and workshops. You will be learning from some of the most talented professional tech innovators in the world.

Having done the program you will be able to:

Build your tech portfolio

Le Wagon’s coding bootcamp teaches you the essentials of programming through the construction of web applications. As a result, your Airbnb clone and your Final Project will form the start of your Github portfolio.

Lifetime community membership.

  • Be part of exclusive community channels
  • Get coding tips and help from our teachers
  • Browse jobs and co-founder opportunities
  • Get lifetime access to our online education platform

Sounds pretty jammy doesn’t it? If you’re keen we should pre warn you of about the price tag. It’s just over £5k if you’re thinking of heading to Bali (however check the price tag country to country). However based on the testimonials we’ve read and the teachers taking you through the course, it’s 5k well spent. Fancy something new? Head to their page here