Dear Twenty Something Self

You are your biggest worst enemy in your twenties but you only realize it much later in your thirties.

You forgot the joy of what it was to live because you were so obsessed with what it was to have money. This obsession meant you worked all hours of the day and well into the night. You missed birthdays and family gatherings and life in general because you were more concerned that you wouldn’t be able to buy the better things in life. But sadly the better things in life were right in front of you, you were just too greedy and pig headed to see them.


The car we rode around in at university represents everything you hate by the time you’re in your late twenties. Old and run down and hideously out of fashion, on receiving your first big bonus you buy a brand new car. A car that has no character but you don’t care. Its only now when you are in your seventies you remember the banger from university. This is because the car you had at university was the one that shared the best of your memories. It’s the car that reminds us of actually living.

You do relax one day I promise and you come to understand the things that really make you happy but it just takes a little time.

Now try clock off at work at 6pm for once in your life and go and join the boys for a beer.


Steven, 74