When I imagine someone screaming that they are ‘living for the weekend!’ I usually picture the following:



  • Young care free souls in bikinis and board shorts
  • Spraying champagne
  • On a yacht
  • Somewhere tropical
  • In slow mo


Living for the weekend in London isn’t quite as picturesque- alas no. In order to live for the weekend in London, you have to endure the initial week itself first. This can be rather painful on a Monday morning when you’re squeezed onto the Northern line, perspiring at the sheer number of commuters who’ve sandwiched themselves into the carriage with you. You ensure your briefcase points towards the doors for the sole purpose of booting off any ‘hopefuls’ that think ‘just one more’ can sidle on with you.


By the time you get to the office, you already smell like a days work and you head solemnly to the kitchen to pour yourself a strong cup of coffee. Today is going to be a long slog…


The sheer thought of the tasks ahead of you make you shudder and it’s only when you get the vibrations from your group Whatsapps in your pocket do you remember why you have to be in work. There is chat about this year’s group holiday, yes, you think, I am here so I can go to (insert one of the following) Budapest/Thailand/Mallorca/Wales. But actually as the week goes on, you don’t think as far ahead as the summer. You’re thoughts are only for the weekend and what you’re going to do when the clock strikes 5.30 and it is officially time to leave.


Tuesday is just as pitiful as Monday and doesn’t deserve much airtime and Wednesday is only of note once you have had lunch…


Yup, suddenly Wednesday is all the more desirable now that you have had your Sainsbury’s meal deal and a couple Jaffa Cakes with your afternoon tea. You’re no longer walking around like you’re the hearse driver and this may be the first time there is a little jaunt in your steps to the (insert) board room/ kitchen/photocopier/urinals.


You don’t allow yourself to think too much about the weekend ahead until it is Thursday (mid morning to be precise). This is when you can openly start to plan not to mention relish in the ‘good times to be had’ come Friday evening.


Does this not make you question yourself slightly? Do you not wonder what it would be like to perhaps be in a role that actually interested you? Imagine if you partook in tasks where you didn’t consider them menial? It is all very well ‘living for the weekend’ but imagine if you wanted to be just as present for the weeks as well. I think twenty something’s who have been on the daily grind circuit for a couple years can agree that finding a job that fulfills you is not as easy as was previously perceived. Finding a job that you can throw yourself fully into (as opposed to out the window), take pride and joy in, as well as learn from, is a gold nugget to find; but there is nothing to say its not feasible.


It has become apparent to me that young professionals can get easily disheartened when they consider all the various obstacles in their way from getting what they want. Whether it’s too hard, too competitive or its too much effort as long as it’s too ‘something’, as far as I can tell that is enough to put someone off.


Therefore the seemingly easiest option is to therefore settle in a job just so you can ‘get by’ until the weekend. Don’t do yourself and your sense of well being a disservice simply because it’s the easier option. Work hard for the things you want, so you can live feeling fulfilled for seven days as opposed to for just two.