Sometimes it can feel like it’s you against the world, which inadvertently can turn into the battle against you and your mind. Feelings of stress and angst can be heightened by money woes and pressures at work and sometimes the signs to get help or talk to someone aren’t as clear as we might hope. With one in four of us experiencing mental health problems each year, it is highly likely that either you or someone you know will at one point or another struggle with your mind.


When we came across Mad World, we were blown away by the impact they were looking to make in the workplace. Mad World has taken into serious account just how quickly the workforce is evolving and that the need to address mental health and wellbeing is -or at least should be- at the forefront of priorities for business leaders. With over a third of our lives spent working, the need to redefine workplace culture to support today and tomorrow’s top talent is a necessity for both people and businesses to thrive.

The Mad World Summit October 9th 2019

The objective of the Mad World Summit is to shift the conversation about mental health in the workplace up a gear; accelerating the shift from stigma to solutions. By focusing on fresh thinking, we will draw in those that have not yet been reached, as well as those that are looking for ways to build on and bolster their commitment to employee mental health, wellbeing and workplace culture.

The Catalyst for Mad World

In 2015, Mark Pigou and his family experienced the impacts of mental health first hand and the events that led afterwards had such a profound effect on Mark, that it inspired him to make it his mission to raise awareness of mental health in workplaces, to stop the signs from being missed. Understanding the need for prevention over cure would be at the core of the mental health revolution of changing attitudes and breaking stigmas. The power of collaboration is what is needed to spread the message far and wide, which is why it made perfect sense for Mark to ask Simon Berger, dear school friend and co-founder of FUTR (formerly known as Millennial 20/20) to join him in building Mad World and creating a footprint so deep that others would follow.

The Twenty Mile Club was fortunate enough to chat to Simon and hearing the passion in Simon’s voice as he spoke about what they were trying to achieve with Mad World was extremely inspiring. Trying to achieve what they are trying to achieve on such a huge scale is no easy feat and shows just how important it is to join together, listen harder and take action sooner, that will be the very thing that will see change incorporated across workplaces.

4 objectives that Simon shared with us for Mad World:

1: Eradicate stigma around mental and ill health in the workplace with a focus on collaboration. Our hashtag is #weallhavementalhealth

2: Corporate culture will only change from the top down. It’s not just them that can eradicate the stigma but it has to start with them. Top down and bottom up so we can get to the bit that is frozen in the middle. We need people to commit to budget rather than time. I don’t mean a stress day, I mean a long term implemented plan that enforces sustainable and incremental change. 

3: We want there to be mental health awareness in the workforce with initiatives such as empathy training to make people aware of those around them.

4: We want to change the entire imagery associated with mental health, which often gets a bad press. If you look at every image on Mad World it’s very positive with a lot of people smiling – which is important.

The summit which takes place on the 9th October and will be a melting pot of insight and inspiration where you will hear from over 70 cross-industry speakers from a wide range of sectors, all sharing their knowledge and experience on workplace culture, mental health and wellbeing. With C-level keynotes, thought-provoking panels, interactive round table discussions and workshops, there is something for everyone to learn and share from as you understand how Mad World turn talking into actual action.

The Twenty Mile Club will be attending the event on the 9th October and we will be sharing our top insights and takeaways from the event, but there is no reason why you can’t join the conversation too. To find out more head to their website here

We look forward to seeing you there!


More About Simon

Simon has been working in the live event industry for over 30 years, launching multiple event portfolios in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Simon is the Founding Partner of FUTR Group and owner of IM2 Group, the renowned exhibition and conference organiser specialising in creative business events.

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