Calling all freelancers and those who avidly hot desk. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re on a budget, finding a place to work that enables you to leave the confines of your house, with good WIFI and a never-ending supply of coffee is crucial. Nope we don’t mean heading to your nearest Starbucks or Café Nero (where more often than not there is always only one loo and nine times out of ten its blocked!).

Rather we’ve stumbled across an absolute gem in the shape of Canova Hall in Brixton.

This Italian restaurant has turned into an absolute haven for anyone that works remotely on a laptop. The space itself has a rustic, clean feel to it- think stone and wood and huge bay windows allowing in lots of light.

Whilst co-working spaces are all the rage, with new ones popping up just about everywhere now, they still can come with a hefty price tag. Canova Hall have been smart in their set up and it won’t be long before you’re giving the obligatory nod to all the freelancers who you’ll get to know (at face value at least) as you walk in and set up camp for the day.


What they offer: £20 for 2 weeks for unlimited coffee and tea refills and access to their WIFI!

It’s also a great and atmospheric place for having a meeting (if you can book out one of the booths even better)!

The food: absolutely moreish- summer bodies will not be carved in these kitchens! Our top favourites being the Slow Beef Rigatoni home-made pasta or the Samsun Pizza (Salame Toscana, red chilli, red & spring onions, mozzarella and Canova hot Honey).

Our thoughts on the staff: you couldn’t ask for a more friendly and hard-working team of people.

We should tell you: that we advise you to get there early- whilst there are a lot of plug sockets, you’ll still be battling off competition to get close enough to use one.

Bonus Extra’s: their bottomless brunch at the weekend-they work hard and they play hard too. Book a table to avoid disappointment because you will be hard pushed to find a table on the weekend if you’re thinking of doing the casual ‘walk in’.


If the prospect of forking out at least £350’s to hot desk in an official co-working space is turning both you and your bank balance off and you live in close proximity to Brixton, get yourself down to Canova Hall. You won’t regret it.

Find them at: 250 Ferndale Road, London, United Kingdom
Or online here