At the Twenty Mile Club, when we hear people making a lot of noise about something, we like to check it out for ourselves to see if it’s worth the hype! Then we get to share the verdict with you, in one of our Mile Trials.

At the start of January, it’s fair to say we were feeling pretty jaded after the Christmas and New Year festivities- think dull skin, sunken eyes and zero to no energy levels. The Twenty Mile Club headquarters was not the place it was when we were in the full swing of Christmas! So, when we came across Get A Drip, there was much agonising of just who deserved to go and experience it the most- not to mention who felt they actually needed it the most. After a heated game of paper, scissors, stone (best of three), I swiftly booked myself in.

So, what exactly is Get A Drip? 

Hailed at the ‘Hottest Wellness Trend’ of last year, Get A Drip is made up of a selection of IV therapies (drips and shots) that you can choose from if you are feeling fatigued and are constantly combatting depleted energy levels.

As well as that: The Evening Standard and other news outlets have also brazenly stated it serves as a winning hangover cure (this was especially exciting for us…).

Location: Get A Drip have a permanent base in Canary Warf, however I went to their pop up in Shoreditch. The pop up’s interior had a very futuristic and very cool feel to it. You have one of six massage chairs to choose from, equipped with fluffy blanket and electric heater (phwaar)

Initial thoughts before going in: sceptical!

The Process Itself 

I was having what the nurse referred to as the ‘Full Works’ and as she took my blood pressure, I momentarily forgot that I would in fact be having to have a needle inserted into my skin. I’m not as good with needles as I’d like to be, so I will say there was a moment where I felt very light headed and was regretting the process altogether. However, don’t panic it did pass! You just have to power through and you will perk up- trust me- the good stuff in the IV’s starts hitting your blood stream. But what exactly is the good stuff that I am referring to? The ones I want to make a special note of are the following:

  • Glutathione, which is referred to as ‘the Mother of all Antioxidants’ and is near impossible to supplement in your diet, reverses the damage that is caused by oxidative stress which builds up in the body as a result of both the ageing process and environmental pollution.


  • L-Carnitine: Deficiencies in L-carnitine lead to tiredness and muscular weaknesses, affecting the quality and frequency of a rigorous workout schedule. As an ideal boost to a healthy eating and exercise plan, our infusions encourage the body to convert excess stored fat into energy, resulting in a slimmer physique and higher endurance levels.


  • B1: known as Thiamin helps break down and release energy from food and keeps the nervous system healthy. It cannot be stored in the body but is required daily to function so the body relies on obtaining this through the food we eat.


  • B2: known as Riboflavin helps keep skin, eyes and nervous system healthy. Sunlight destroys B2 and like B1, it cannot be stored in the body.


  • B3: known as Niacin helps release energy from food eaten and keeps the nervous system and skin healthy, B3 also cannot be stored in the body and is obtained by food.


  • B12: Vitamin B12 is crucial in various metabolic process in the body, and participates in red blood cell production, functioning of the nervous system, regulating sleep and mood, and even affecting levels of other compounds in the body that help in maintenance of organs such as the brain, heart and eye. Deficiency in vitamin B12 can then result in red blood cell deficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep-mood disorders or issues with peripheral nerves.


Cost: Prices: Range from £40-£100 which in comparison to other IV Drip places in London is a fantastic deal! If you want the completed list of the ‘Full Works’  and what else you can have, you can find it here.


How did I feel after? For me, I didn’t experience the affects immediately after. Rather it was later on in the day, where I realised I had far more energy- which was rare for a Sunday. What I found interesting, was that this energy continued for the rest of the week! I was waking earlier than usual just so I could go running each morning (to the absolute shock of my housemates) and my skin also cleared up (it had taken quite the battering over the New Year celebrations). For me, sleep has always been my biggest battle, but for the entire week, I found myself actually sleeping and sleeping all the way through until my alarm woke me- which was an absolute blessing.


In summary: It was the kick up the back side I needed to be more switched on without the aid 4 or 5 cups of coffee throughout the day. For those of us that are over tired and over stressed, Get A Drip is the perfect ‘pick me up’. Don’t believe me? Well just check out their testimonials and their Google reviews online – 5 stars all round!



Find their links to the online and social media channels here:


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