Need a graphic designer? Welcome to our new ‘spotlight specialty series’. Freelancing is hard (we know that!) and we want to give anyone we consider breakout stars of their niche a special shout out and mention. This way you get the speil on just who they are, what they’ve worked on and how they can help you. In helping them have a place to showcase their specialties, work and services we want to help YOU find someone that isn’t making you dig any deeper into your overdraft than you already need to be. And if you can avoid hitting the red altogether even better! We want to kick off our series with one of the best graphic designers we have the pleasure of knowing and is fast becoming one of the ‘ones to watch’ in both London and Asia!


27 year old Milla is a British freelance Graphic Designer, currently based in Hong Kong. Milla has accumulated a wealth of creative experience through a variety of freelance projects as well as her year and a half spent at Inception Group (the owner and operator of unique, high-end venues across London) and her two years spent working at Charlotte Olympia (the luxury shoe and accessories brand).

Startup Pack

Brand identity, branding collateral (i.e business cards, stationary, menus etc.), website design

Packaging pack

Brand identity, Packaging design, Product imagery

What makes Milla Adler Design stand out from competitors?

Milla’s knowledge of the Asian and Western design world. Milla specialises in a large variety of platforms, helping maintain a strong brand strategy when bringing projects to life.


Hong Kong // London


Brand identity, print, packaging, visual merchandising, F&B, web design, marketing & events, digital

StartUp Rates

Competitive prices with flexibility dependent on what stage your startup is.

Testimonial from JIA Group Hong Kong

“Milla is one of the most efficient and pleasant person to work with who fully understands the DNA and branding of any concept given to her.She is able to work and adapt well with a team and is incredibly versatile with her creativity”.

Testimonial from Tushi Cakery & Co

“We engaged Milla to facilitate the design and build out our e-commerce platform on Shopify. We developed a great partnership with Milla and her dedication to our project was evident across all aspects of our website. We appreciated Milla’s attention to detail and creative approach in bringing our branding to life, tying in additional illustrations that gave our website more personality. Milla took the time to find payment and logistics solutions that worked most efficiently for our business ensuring a smooth shopping experience for our customers with the least steps to purchase.


Find Milla’s website here

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