I have a never-ending ‘To Do’ list, which saddens me greatly. The top things on my ‘To Do List’ vary depending on whether it is the start of the month or the end. The start of the month’s list is considerably more positive than the list that proceeds at the end of the month. A typical ‘start of month’ list is full of so much promise; see Exhibit List A.


Exhibit List A

  • Drinks With XYZ
  • Waitrose!
  • Organise Dinner Party
  • New Clothes
  • Try New Spin Class
  • Haircut
  • Book Bottomless Brunch!
  • Invest in a juicer


Whereas the list that proceeds at the end of the month is considerably more tragic. See Exhibit List B.

 Exhibit List B

  • Buy Loo Paper & Bin Bags
  • Buy Rice In Bulk
  • Cancel Gym Membership
  • Tesco
  • Call Mum…
  • Cancel all social occasions because you officially have no money.
  • Buy bottle of Tesco’s Finest Vodka
  • Cry


 The problem with To Do Lists is the reason that we make them is to feel organized: as though we are taking control of our lives, like we have everything in check. More often than not we are lying to ourselves. I tell myself that ‘I must do that today’ but the chances are if it’s raining and I’m tired and my house mate is making pizza, that trip to the gym/the tip or the dry cleaners will be put on hold. I resonate that I will do the tasks at hand but that I am in fact

  • Tired
  • Over worked
  • Starving

And therefore deserving of rest! I will then take those three reasons and analyze that perhaps they are in fact

  • The onset of the first signs of insomnia
  • Being exploited by my colleagues
  • Malnourished

I mean misery loves company and I can confidently say that I am not the only one in this debacle at the end of each month. We all have the dreaded To Do List that only seems to get bigger as we get poorer. If I took my own advice (which I don’t), I would say to put money aside each month (if that is even possible) to put to good use later down the line. I would also say to not go completely crazy on the first day/night and week of payday. Proclaiming to the entire bar that you’re a millionaire when you most certainly are not, is going to leave you eating stale bowls of cereal and old blocks of cheese, in the last week leading up to your next pay day.

Sadly it may be a case of having to rip off the plaster much sooner than we actually would like. The sooner the tasks at hand are out the way the sooner we can crack on with what we actually would like to be doing. The chances are your To Do List won’t ever be completely done as because more often than not when one list is finished then another begins. As the way it probably always will be…