We are no longer satisfied with being OK. We don’t want to be fine we want to be GREAT. We don’t want to be coasting we want to be cruising. What has happened for it to no longer be socially acceptable to be just OK? I mean heaven forbid anyone think I am JUST OK.

It’s rather insulting actually, don’t people realize that I am in fact this super human. Listen up y’all I am not just OK, I am frickin fantastic, which between you and I means everything is going wonderfully.


 Job, house, relationships– it’s all going swimmingly.

Holiday soon? Haven’t you checked my insta?

Setting up my own company? You betcha.

On the cusp of curing HIV? We’ll be breaking the news any day now…


None of the above applicable? Maybe you only ticked 2 of the boxes. Well that is awkward. What is everyone going to think of you now…?


Let me tell you. They aren’t going to care. The only person who cares is you. The only person who has set yourself these unreal standards is you because you’re measuring yourself against the people you see plastered across the Internet or on your social media. I will tell you what OK means. OK means you are chugging along nicely and that there is room for improvement- lets be honest there is always room for improvement. It doesn’t mean you have filed for bankruptcy or you’re suddenly addicted to crack.


We as a generation are obsessed with wanting to be the best. Having witnessed first hand the real dawn of the digital age movement we have been exposed to all sorts of change and innovation. We can see through our screens what success is and we want to emulate it. That’s great that we aspire to be successful but what isn’t great is considering ourselves failures just because we aren’t as successful. Being OK doesn’t make you ordinary- you’re still making it work and if it’s working for you then that’s all that counts.


As the saying goes, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. For most people it takes time to get to where they are. Yes there are some very lucky people out there, who struck gold early doors- they are the exception not the rule. Quit beating yourself up about not having it all sussed. There are countless people in the public eye who didn’t make something of themselves until much later. You know how they spent their twenties- being OK.


Our twenties are such defining years for us. Here is the time to make your mistakes- mistakes are natural- if you fall on your face- so what? It happens. Here is the time to try new things and seek out new opportunities, if they don’t work out- well hell at least you tried. There is nothing wrong with trying.


Just as there is nothing wrong with being ‘just OK’. There are a lot of people out there who would love to be even a little OK. Ultimately if it’s working for you then that’s all that matters.