Office drinks are great for the following


  • Socializing
  • Letting your ‘hair down’
  • Venting
  • Showing unity


Offices drinks are not great for:

  • Over sharing
  • Letting everything below your hair down as well
  • Venting
  • Showing clear office divides


Some offices make it compulsory that you go to the after work office drinks. Every Friday at 6 you religiously have to make your way down to the staff bar. Depending on who your colleagues are, constitutes as to whether this is a chore or not. Without fail, the office working ground can very much feel like the school playground. Naturally you gravitate towards your ‘team’. Whether that may be accounts, finance, design or tech- they are the ones that make up your ‘office crew’. That is not to say these would have been your ‘people of choice’ but they are still your people. Do you really want to talk to Harold about his kidney stones? No- but he did laminate all 73 pieces of A4 paper you gave him this morning- by office standards you’re basically married.


The thing with office drinks is they can escalate quite quickly. As with any group of people, if you give them an open bar for 2 hours they will probably drink it (dry).


The wine if flowing, the CEO has just put a bottle of Moet behind the bar and suddenly the half of the office that you avoid, have now become your new best friends. Diaries are getting whipped out as you start penciling in ‘lunch dates’ with said new pals as you all decided your biggest problems in life are currently deciding between whether you should go to Franco Manco or Carluccios next Wedmesday – its tough.


So two sheets to the wind, you end up ditching your original Friday night plans as you and your office crew have now devised a new plan where ‘everyone-must-go!’

Even when the most sober person there tries to remind you that you actually spend most of your weeks avoiding two-thirds of the office, you brush said person away. ‘This lot’ you think ‘as if I would avoid them’.


So off you go. You and about forty of the gaggle that can stand and you head to the club- CEO in tow.

. . .

Saturday mornings are just not kind. You have cringe worthy flash backs of conversations you would rather forget (forever) and recollections of going to Subway for a foot long chicken number when you are in fact a vegetarian.


But Mondays are even worse. Those who made it out with you on the Friday night are currently sat low into their seats. Eye contact and giggles in the toilet have been long forgotten. Irene the receptionist who did a head stand by the bar hasn’t even come in and Simon has a £250 dry cleaning bill from a mystery lady on the floor above us. You look at the safety of your team and look at them to say ‘never leave me again’ and they smile sympathetically ‘we won’t’ but also ‘we’ve all been there’ – you look away to say an unspoken ‘thanks’.


So office drinks- are they friend or foe? That is entirely dependent on you and your office. Ultimately, any given situation with an open bar has the capability to go south and at speed. Just be sure to not be the one with a £250 dry cleaning bill on Monday morning and I am sure you will be fine. Oh and perhaps cancel those lunches…