I’ve done it again- I’ve blown the budget. This is especially annoying seeing as at the start of the month I bought a white board so I could carefully weigh out my spending. On completing the board I looked at my masterpiece, called up the family and smugly told them that they were talking to the new and improved me. Sensible me, who knew their limits, who knew when to leave the party, who knew to go to Tesco instead of M&S. The me who would walk to work at least twice a week, the me who made their own packed lunches and the me who would diligently go straight home after a night out instead of spending two hours in a fast food chain proclaiming my love of greased up kebabs, cheesy chips and mini sauces.

Alas, it was not meant to be- I am 5 days from being paid and I have gone well over budget and I am getting that bloody text from HSBC that for every day I am in the red they will take £5 from me. I mean it makes perfect sense, lets make someone who is already poor even poorer. It’s the text from HSBC that first alerts me of my squalor as up until that point I have been in total denial. Too scared to rip off the plaster that will tell me I am making a right balls up of my budget board and therefore of my life.

You think of all the necessities you bought that month and reason why they were essential. I mean I need food to live, the bank of mum and dad (which has been closed for a very long time), cannot expect me to starve! Equally toiletries are also far more expensive than one would think- I mean you go into Boots to buy some toothpaste and end up leaving having also bought a multi pack of soaps, multi packs of durex, multi packs of body crèmes and a loofah for the bathroom! I mean it really isn’t your fault that they are giving you so many options (great marketing as per usual from Boots) and so many deals (Boots card points will be going through the roof) and their careful positioning of the bathroom loofah right by the check out! Impulse buying at its finest- it was half price after all.

I don’t even have any advice to offer you in regards to budgeting because I clearly suck at it. My white board that had initially been hung opposite the bed is now lying defeated on the floor with a wet towel on it.

I mean the good news is that summer is drawing to an end, which I think has been my biggest down fall. Drinks after work, or day drinking over the weekend, that swiftly turns into night drinking has been rinsing my card high and dry. Lets not forget the joy of ‘contactless’, which means you don’t have time to reflect on your choices, just one clean press against the card machine and you’re all stations go.

So with summer now drawing to a close, I can restart my forsaken budget board and hope that I can actually stick to it. Either that or my job needs to give me a pay rise ASAP, in which case the bank can piss off.