Sam Jones has one of those stories that we love to share! Sam is the founder of life coaching business All In, with the goal of making life coaching accessible to everyone. All In is a research-backed workbook that is equipped with 20 minute exercises that help people find direction, build better daily habits, and achieve their goals. All 52 exercise are designed to be like a little personal trainer for the mind, helping build your career, relationships and confidence. It hasn’t always been plain sailing for Sam though and his initial start wasn’t without it’s wobbles. On the fence about life coaching? Maybe you won’t be after this!

Name: Sam Jones

Age at time of interview: 29

Where’s home? London

Profession: Life Coach

Company Name: All In

After university was it a clear cut path as to what you wanted to do? No. I finished with a 2:2 and felt like a failure. University had knocked my confidence that I could be any good in business and I felt lost.

What is All In and when did you launch?

All In launched in 2017 to make life coaching accessible to everyone. It is a research-backed workbook that is equipped with 20 minute exercises that help people find direction, build better daily habits, and achieve their goals. All 52 exercise are designed to be like a little personal trainer for the mind, helping build your career, relationships and confidence.

How did the idea for All In come about?

I have been a life coach for the last 6 years, working with some of the brightest young people in the UK that reach millions of people a week and with household brands. Life Coaching can be a big investment for some people, so I wanted to create something effective that anyone can start for a few quid.

What were the initial challenges in getting the ball rolling for All In?

Doing something completely new in the self-development world was challenging. The process of building the 80 page life-coaching workbook was a first of it’s kind, and it took over 150+ hours of writing. That’s not including the many, many edits, customer feedback and design.

As twenty-something’s do you think there is a pressure to be living our best lives?

Yes. We are more connected to other people’s ‘highlights’ and therefore gain a false representation of reality. We compare other people’s external world with how we feel on the inside.

What advice would you give someone struggling with their daily routines?

Go back to basics and do a to-do list right now with no more than 6 items on it. They should be actions that will win your day. Do not move on until those 6 are done. If you move on the list was wrong or you are lacking both focus and discipline to see things through.

Why do you think life coaches are so important?

Life coaches help you unlock the answer that is already within you. They give you perspective, structure and the accountability to see things through. A lot of people talk a big game but but do very little. A good life coach helps you talk less and do more of the right things.

Have you yourself got a life coach?

Not at the moment. I have had lot’s of life coaching, with my last professional life coach being last year. I have more mentors at the moment, and professionals I pay for consultancy.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into coaching?

Do not think you are a life guru. Put your biggest emphasis on being good at your craft. Attend some introductory courses.

What do your programs offer to someone looking to start one? Our All In Programme helps people who want to get a clearer direction for their future, or feel a little lost. We give them exercises to help them understand themselves deeply, overcome mental blocks, and start achieving more in their day. Our All In Solo programme is perfect to start, and is just £49.

Who do you seek out for support and advice?

A life coach if I am working with one at the time, or people in my network that I can use as a sounding board. Usually if I say the problem out loud, the answer comes to me.

You haven’t always had it plain sailing which makes you such a relatable person to twenty-somethings who might be struggling. Can you share with us a period of time that you couldn’t see the light behind the trees, but managed to pull yourself out of it? What did you do to do this?

My biggest belief is that your work, business or career is an extension of you. Therefore if you feel good within yourself (passionate, confident, happy), good things tend to happen and that energy transfers into your work. I have always put an emphasis on my own wellbeing and how I feel, which is super important for me as there is a history of mental health in my family. When you go off track as we all do, gently focus on your wellbeing and feeling good about yourself, as it all starts from there!

What’s a typical day for you working on All In ?

There is no typical day! I have certain habits such as small to-do lists, 30 minutes of reaching out to people, checking in with clients, and learning one new thing a day. But as anyone that runs a platform knows, no one day is the same!

Any personality traits you have discovered about yourself along the way? I am a creative at heart and an innovator, therefore I need space to let these traits spark. I am impatient at default, so as much as I work on it over the years it is something I will always have to work with.

You do a lot of public speaking. Can you share with us the types of speaker events you do and which types of events our readers might scope you out at.

I have done just over 100 speaking events since I started, ranging from speaking infront of two people at the top of a pub to 250 people at companies like ASOS, P&G and Unilever. I speak occasionally at universitys, but most I do are not open to the the general public at the moment unfortunately. However I put lots of content out on my IGTV and Youtube.

Running a business isn’t without it’s mishaps. Is there a memorable mishap that you can look back on now and laugh?

I once passed out on a train into Waterloo on a Sunday to see a client. My body had gone catabolic as I was working too much for no money and couldn’t eat too much. I laugh because although one side of my body went numb and it was pretty scary, I managed to messaged my client saying: “I’m not going to make it.” The extreme lengths you go to when you are overly ambitous. Lesson learned that day!

What has been your best moment so far as a result of setting up All In?

Getting our official reviews back from All In has been pretty special. We have 13 right now which is laughable from big brands, but being a smaller platform that has put in so much time, those 13 ratings from people that spent their money on us has been amazing for myself and the team.

What do you think is next for All In, in the next year?

All I care about right now is ensuring that anyone who buys All In genuinely gets value out of it. Every one of our goals in 2019 and metrics is moving toward that end.

What’s the dream? That people tell us stories of how All In was a turning point for them.

Just for fun…

In your twenties the three things I tend to think about are…ideas, direction, people.

When I look at my bank statement after a night out I usually…smile

The Twenty Mile Club is….potentially very big!

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