The act of swiping on a phone has proven popular for apps, especially for those seeking love. However, what about swiping for business connections? Introducing fast and easy to use Shapr, that you can download straight onto your phone.

The Shapr tagline: Meet inspiring people, shape your life!

At the Twenty Mile Club we are all about being inspired by amazing people, so we downloaded Shapr to see if it really delivered exactly what it preached.

How does it work?

Shapr is powered by an algorithm, using the user’s location and professional experience to suggest 10-15 inspiring profiles each day.

What you can see on other Shapr users profile?

You can see that person’s picture, profession and the hashtags that you have in common with them. Let’s use Person X as an example.


Co-founder of XXXX

#startups #community #selfdevelopment

Current Goals

Get Inspired —Find a Mentor—Find investors

“Passion for creativity, startups, community and sustainability. Currently looking for more investment. Aim to create a global impact by 2020”



If Person X looks to be up your street, as you would on a dating app, swipe right. If the feelings mutual, you will get notified that you’re both a connection and can start a conversation, which means no unsolicited requests to talk (splendid!).

The truly great thing about is:

The vast majority of people who are on it are on it for similar reasons to you. They are looking to expand their network, give and/or seek advice. Once you’ve built a rapport with a connection you’ve matched with, you can then organise to meet them over coffee, drinks or an official meeting to really explore your ideas, questions and/or advice further. You only get a certain amount of swipes a day so you actually look at the profiles in front of you, instead of mindlessly swiping.

The not so great thing about it:

You now have yet another means of communicating with someone that adds to the already extensive list of ways to be in contact with someone that isn’t Email-Facebook-Whatsapp-Instagram and for the that still use it, Snapchat. It can be pretty draining to know that you are single handedly adding to the bucket load of emails and enquiries that you still have to reply to, by adding another app that instigates conversation!

 Do you have to be someone whose set up a business, setting up a business or even in business at all?

Absolutely not! The variety of people you will find on Shapr is astounding, whether you’re someone who is studying and looking for mentorship or whether you’re someone seeking advice for a career change, there will always be someone on the app to connect with, ultimately it’s up to you whether you follow up with the connections that you make.

The Twenty Mile Club sum of it

Shapr is a great app for people to connect with others that might inspire them in both life and/or business.  Similar to a dating app there will be some profiles that you won’t think are worth your time, which is annoying when you only have a certain amount of swipes per day. This is a great way of being proactive at networking, without having to actually going to an official ‘industry meet up’ (even though we strongly recommend you throw yourselves into those too). You never know who is willing to chat and might share similar passions to you in both business and vocation, so for those stuck in a rut, we’d recommend it’s a worthy new download to add to the app collection.

Finally, what does their CEO Ludovic Huraux say about it?

 Networking should be a joyful experience, because It’s about meeting new people. It’s not just a trick to generate more sales or find some humdrum job – we see it as a lifestyle. Connecting regularly with inspiring individuals is the key to a more meaningful, fulfilling, healthy existence. And that’s why we made an app.

Ludovic Huraux, Shapr CEO


Want to find out more, check out Shapr here for more info


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