At the Twenty Mile Club, we like to find things to inspire you to do something different and that also counts in regards to your fitness. We stumbled across F45 just over two months ago and now we can’t get enough of it.

Have you heard of F45? Well, if you haven’t, you’re sure as hell about to, as 2018 will be the year it smashes onto the London fitness scene with full force.

What exactly is it?

F45 brings you the latest cult Group Fitness Training phenomenon from Australia that will leave you feeling leaner, stronger and fitter than you ever imagined. F45, short for Functional 45, is the ultimate high-intensity, circuit-based group training concept, which offers a wide range of unique themed classes which will challenge and motivate you, and keep you coming back for more.

What to expect from a typical class?

Setting the benchmark in fitness and functional training, F45’s leading fitness experts have designed an extensive range of 30 unique cardio and resistance based, training programmes, challenging you to mix up your weekly workout routine and reach your fitness goals. Sessions are 45 minutes long and fast-paced, burning up to 1000 calories and pushing you to your max. For those concerned about will power and technique, you have the constant support and guidance of the F45 trainers pushing you along the way.

Ideal for…

Absolutely everyone and anyone looking to kickstart their fitness. If you’ve been stuck in a rut with your fitness or are looking for something to really challenge you, we strongly advise you take a proper look at F45…and then promptly sign up.

Don’t believe us? Well, we actually had one of our team sign up to F45’s 8-week challenge and we thought we’d share some of her key insights with you

The Why behind embarking on the challenge… 

I needed to do something about my fitness, having hit a wall last year. I had had one too many ‘treat yo self’ moments and clothes no longer felt good on, rather just a necessity, so as not to scare the British public. It really was a chance encounter that I even ended up signing up to F45, having mindlessly liked their F45 Facebook page at the end of January, as a reminder to go back and check it out later. As luck would have it an old colleague of mine, had seen ‘my like’ appear on her newsfeed. Within minutes I had received a DM, enquiring whether I was signing up to their 8-week challenge- commencing quite literally the following Monday. I stalled and spent the next 3 days deliberating and calling Amy, the Head Trainer at F45 Tottenham Court Road to find out as much as possible. 

The ‘fuck it’ moment…

Was biting the bullet and actually signing up to the challenge. The body scan and full body shots at the beginning weren’t exactly a joyous occasion. I mean, standing in front of a white wall (that you are in fact whiter than!) a month after Christmas, in tight, faded underwear you should have binned months ago, is just not a good look for anyone. Whilst the photos weren’t great, the scans  which you do in the studio at the beginning of the challenge were the real eye opener as to what was going on inside my body and what really needed to change. It turns out, quite a lot!

The Training Itself 

Training commences at 3 interval points throughout the day- morning, noon and in the evening- which you can book onto with the F45 training app. It’s broken up into high intensity training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and if you can muster it, Saturday (for the full hour of Hollywood). Tuesdays and Thursdays are weight training for your core and strength.

I can honestly say the first week, was the stiffest week of my life and a serious wake up call to parts of my body, that had perhaps not been used for high intensity exercise, maybe even ever! By the end of week two, I had got into the  swing of the classes and at just how many endorphins they were giving me. It was around week three that I started to attend double F45 classes through out the day- one in the morning and one in the evening- to ensure I really enhanced my chances of seeing the results that I wanted.

The Trainers & the F45 Community 

Are a huge part of why people keep coming back. Amy and Mike have done an excellent job of not only finding PT’s who are very knowledgeable within their field, but who are also super friendly and personable. They genuinely want you to get the best work out for the best results, that you’re doing the techniques properly and that you’re having a good time. There is a real sense of community at F45, that I haven’t experienced in previous gyms and I’ve found that my fellow F45 goers are genuinely interested in the progress of those in the room with them. Whilst it isn’t deemed conventionally British, the high fives we all dish out at the end of a particularly hard and vigorous session, feel amazing and well earned.

The Honest Truths of the challenge…

It is hard and the food plan can be testing- not drinking coffee for 2 weeks at the start of the challenge quite literally killed me (and everyone else in my path before 11am). As much as I think I have many Saint like attributes, not drinking for 8 weeks, counts as one of them.  Whilst mostly good at abstaining from alcohol, the three occasions I did succumb to drink, I really did ‘paint the town red’, ‘drink the bar dry’ and generally ‘lost the plot’.  Food wise, I think what is key is organisation and the initial food prep at the start of the week. The weeks I was organised were significantly easier than the weeks that I wasn’t, however the F45 food plan app that maps out your food for the challenge is great for keeping you on the straight and narrow, as you have to log your food for the day as well as your water intake . I think what is important to note is that if you do have an evening of weakness, you haven’t ruined all your efforts. Just make sure you wake up the next day, as determined as ever and you make it your training classes.

The End Result

Having grown up under the illusion that the number on the scale determined how fit and healthy I was, it took throwing myself into the F45 8-week challenge to realise the number on the scale  didn’t mean as much as I thought it did. Whilst it may be difficult for some people to understand how my end weight was more-or-less, exactly the same at the end of the challenge as it was at the start, I had in fact lost 5% body fat and gained 2kg of muscle. This is where the before and after pictures will come in handy, as you can see just how much your body has transitioned over the 8 weeks. I no longer have what I call my ‘fun fat’ – the fat I had accumulated over the last year as a result of ‘one last drink’ and ‘one more helping’.

If you’re on the fence and looking to be inspired to do something different about your fitness, then you only have to reach out to some of the F45 members who did the challenge and listen to some of their results. For example, that ex-colleague I mentioned at the beginning lost a whopping 10kg and 10% body fat as well as putting on 2kg !

There is also an incentive attached to the end of the challenge and if you’re announced as the challenge King or Queen, you can find yourself entitled to some great perks.


Final Comments

They do say summer bodies are made in winter and I can honestly say that having committed myself to F45 for the last 8 weeks (in the snow, sleet and hail), I have put my body well into the fast track for being ‘summer ready’- which beats the mad rush I had 2 weeks before May last year. I can now say, that I am now the proud owner of a firm, raised and rounded arse, having had a rather square and flat one the year before and I believe (to the hilarity of my friends) that I can even see the beginning of what could be actual abs. I haven’t seen my time at F45 as a fad to get into shape, rather a life investment and long-term commitment to my health and fitness, which is why (gulp) I have just signed up to a 6-month contract to continue training with them.


Want to find F45 online?

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