At the Twenty Mile Club, we’re always looking for amazing things to uncover to inspire you to do something different. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut with your daily routine and it’s very easy to find yourself feeling purposeless and some what unfulfilled in your life choices. That is why when we stumbled across Impact Marathon Series we had to share their story with you and hopefully get you involved in something truly eye opening. Be the person that actually does something great, rather than be the person who just talks about it.

What YOU should know about Impact Marathon Series if you don’t already? 

Impact Marathon Series is a pioneering movement in running; one that combines travel, adventure and volunteering into an epic Impact Week. In partnership with UNs Global Goals for Sustainable Development, Impact Marathon Series is bringing together like minded people for 7 days of immersion in project work and community engagement culminating in a 10km, 21km or 42km race day that will live long in the memory.

Its origins

 Impact Marathon Series was born out of a dream to harness the power and enthusiasm of people with a desire to travel, volunteer and run. A dream to have a positive and long-lasting impact on individuals and communities in developing nations.

To this day, the company is inspired by the chance to show people that they, in their capacity as one individual, have the power to change the lives of others.

The man and team behind it

 Behind Impact Marathon Series is Nick Kershaw. Back in 2015 Nick set up Uganda’s first ever international marathon as a way to connect fundraisers with the cause. This experience led him to leave his position as a wealth manager at a leading City firm to start Impact Marathon Series. 

How YOU can get involved

 Join an Impact Marathon event! This year Impact Marathons have four races in four unbelievable locations. In March, they will be hosting the inaugural Guatemala Impact Marathon on the volcanic surface of Pacaya. Next on the list is Malawi, another inaugural race, on the stunning shores of the lake in May.  Four months later in October, Kericho, home to Olympic and World Champion distance runners is the location of the Kenya Impact Marathon. For the final Impact Week of the year IMS will be back in the foothills of the Himalaya in Nepal.


An insight into what you’ll experience if you do it

 “An unforgettable week of adventure, new friends, challenge, laughter, learning, and, most importantly of all, making our own small impact.” Victoria Mason, London, UK.

 What’s included

Packages for the week start from £495 and cover everything ‘in country’ (apart from any alcoholic drinks!). The only things that you need to sort yourself are your flights and your insurance.

 What you’ll give back

 All Impact Runners fundraise for the local charities and organisations that they will spend time volunteering for and visiting during the Impact week. Impact Marathon Series do not set minimum fundraising targets, they simply encourage people to raise whatever they can as anything raised will go a long way in country.


You can find them here! 

Impact Marathon website here

@impactmarathon on Instagram

Impact Marathon Facebook 


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