At the Twenty Mile Club we like scouting out new opportunities for you to sink your teeth into. Freelancing is becoming more and more appealing to a lot of us, because of the flexibility, freedom and autonomy it gives you, which is why we want to make some noise about new kids on the block ‘Freelance Near Me’ that launched in January of this year. Havinggrown to  1,000+ registering within the last month alone, now is a great time to get on board, build a profile, win work and build an early reputation for future employers to see.

What is Freelance Near Me?

Freelance Near Me is a platform that is only accessible to UK & Irish freelancers & businesses. It is essentially a freelance marketplace that allows businesses from UK & Ireland to post projects/gigs and outsource them to local, trusted freelancers near them or nationally.

When did Freelance Near Me launch?

The platform idea was January 2018 and had  launched on the 1st July 2018.

What is the idea behind it?  

The idea behind the platform was to build a community of local, trusted freelancers from UK and Ireland, and a place (hub) to provide them with work that has been posted for free by business owners that are looking to outsource their work/jobs to local professional freelancers.

How is it different to hubs such as People per Hour or Upwork?

Freelance Near Me is different because it isn’t a global platform, the core mission of the platform is to keep it accessible to UK & Irish freelancers only that are looking for either local or national work posted by business owners. The platform comes with a few benefits that makes the platform different, you can read more here: Why should you be on Freelance Near Me

Benefits for employers:

  • Post unlimited projects for free
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • No fees after working with freelancers

Benefits for Freelancers

  • 0% commission fees payable to the platform on sales. (You keep all the money from your sales)
  • Affordable bid packages (More affordable than freelancer) starting at £1.99 to £32.50 (More bid credits in the packages too)
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • 50% bidding cap (Meaning freelancers cannot bid any lower than 50% of the original posted project cost) So if a project goes up for £500, the lowest bid is £250, no lower. This gives freelancers a chance to win work and stop competing with those who offer their services for next to nothing.

Why you (our readers) should get on the bandwagon now?

Despite the platform being young, it has grown to have 1,000+ register within the last month alone, now is a great time to get on board, build a profile, win work and build an early reputation for future employers to see. You will also keep all of your sales money too as the platform offers a generous 0% commission on sales, if you averagely make 46k per year, you will save £9,200 per year paying commissions with Freelance Near Me based on a 20% commission fee on other platforms commission structures.

Have they got a community?

 We don’t currently have a group, however we are building our community on Social Media, including Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Any catches we should know about now?

No catches whatsoever, if you would like to know more about how the platform works head over to ‘How it works and Why should you be on Freelance Near Me.

What should we expect to see from FNM in the next year in terms of growth?

In terms of growth, I would like to see the platform have over 50,000 following and registered users from UK & Ireland by 1st July 2019 and eventually being the leading platform for locals to find and hire local talent within the UK.

Who’s behind it?

Tide banking recently partnered with Freelance Near Me late July (Better banking with Tide and Freelance Near Me) We have a number of other companies  involved backing up the platform including; The Freelance Kit, Paysap, Paperwrk, Aptlink and lots more.


What’s the goal?

The goal is to provide a platform that generates work to professional, local freelancers right across the UK & Ireland, we have a huge passion for helping freelancers on their journey and to provide something that also adds value to their career.


Peaked your interest? Register with Freelance Near Me today here