I strongly recommend everyone watch this TED talk. Dick Moore is Mental Health activist who has traveled to schools, universities and organisations since November 2012.

Did you know that 10% of young people are suffering from a  diagnosable mental health disorder today?

Not only does this mean that a vast number of young people are unhappy, but also that they are underperforming at school, college and in the early stages of their careers. The consequences for families, schools and employers are dire.

And yet mental health remains a largely hidden epidemic. There is SO much more that could be done – that SHOULD be done.

Dick opens the talk by talking about tragic circumstances that led to him taking this path into mental health. He identifies the pressures that young people face today as well as the different ways in which we should relieve emotional pain.

This talk is a real eye opener and asks and answers the questions of mental well being that not many of us are willing to.

Dick breathes dialogue and meaning into a matter that perhaps doesn’t have as much understanding as it should. I strongly recommend you watch this Ted talk, to give yourself a real insight into mental health and why a fundamental change in attitude is the way forward.



Dick’s Website

Dick also gives talks and workshops, but above else he offers to listen.