We have all bared witness to various social media platforms taking the globe by storm. Whether it is Instagram, Twitter or Hootsuite we’re in a world that envelops themselves in digital technology.

Snapchat is no new concept and we all use it for various things; whether we’re taking photos of what we ate for lunch, where we were last night or how we look the morning after the night before. We share stories with friends and acquaintances ‘this is my life, I am living in the now’.

Snapchat has 100 million daily active users worldwide, so it was only a matter of time that businesses started incorporating snap chat into their business marketing plans. If you’re starting up or questioning the advantages of using Snapchat, here are the top reasons why perhaps you should.


1> Delivering Private Brand Content:

Your audience will see things that no one else can necessarily see- at least not straight away. Whether it’s just signing a deal or painting your new work place walls bright red, by giving your audience an inside look into your working life, you’ll increase follower loyalty by making them feel included in your own exclusive world.

2> Offer Promotions, Codes, Discounts and Competitions

That can only be obtained through watching your videos. Everyone loves a competition, especially when the stakes are high and your followers will consistently come back for more in the hope of lucking in next time round.

2> Private Access to Live Events

Snapchat gives instant visibility to events that your followers may not even be at. They’re not seeing it through a TV or a laptop, they’re seeing it through you’re eyes. You could be at the Holi Festival in India or you could be getting pancakes at your grans- either way you’re connecting with followers- they see a side to your life they might not be able to see else where.

3> Allowing Audiences to see your Brand Community

Show the world the people who make your brand possible. Whether its Snapchatting a staff day go-carting, going for team lunches or celebrating someone’s birthday, users get an inside look at just how your brand differentiates between other brands and a slice of your brand community. Users will like your brand much more knowing the people working under you also love your brand.

4> Partner with Influencers

Find influences who have a strong Snapchat following and collaborate with them to make your brand stronger, whilst spreading brand awareness and reach. Perhaps an influencer has a reach of a demographic market that you perhaps don’t- use that to your advantage. Some brands will be very Snapchat savvy creating content that will only enhance your brand tone and personality further.


Think ahead with Snapchat and don’t shrug it off as another fad when over 25% of UK smartphone holders have it. Use it to your advantage and get creative. Think outside the box and reach demographics that perhaps you couldn’t reach without Snapchat. If you’re living in the digital age its time to start ensuring you’re constantly ahead or on top of what is happening. Think ahead to get ahead.