Having that niggling feeling that is pulling you to try something different can remain stubbornly in your sub conscious. You find yourself thinking of whatever endeavour you’re wanting to explore as you lie in bed in the morning, as you wait for the kettle to boil, as you sit on the tube and as you listen to your boss drone on about marketing strategies.


You took that first job after university because you needed to make money, you needed to get on the ladder and more importantly, you needed to prove to yourself you were officially an adult. Depending how hard or how long you were waiting, perhaps determined whether you pursued a career that you were genuinely interested in or whether you accepted a job in an industry you had never considered or had never wanted to consider for that matter.


On having X amount of years under your belt, it starts to become apparent to you that you would like to try something else. You consider juggling both. However, you wonder just how you will find the time to do both when you’re working in the office from 9-6 (and that’s on a good day). The thought of turning back to waitressing, bartending or club promotions is no longer something you want to consider seriously now you’re in your mid to late twenties and have been working for three to four years. So, what else could make your pursuits more feasible? How can you allow yourself the luxury of getting a consistent flow of money that isn’t peanuts, whilst also being able to put your energy elsewhere?


For those who have never considered temping, we recommend thinking about it as a serious option. If you find a good agency, you can earn up to £15 an hour and find temping contracts stemming up to 6 months. Temping is essentially a ‘temporary role’ within a company. You can find a temping role that will best suit your situation and take on an assistant style role (still at £15 an hour) that doesn’t ask for all your time and attention. This will mean your work load won’t be that strenuous as you start putting your plans into motion for the passion project or business that you have long been thinking of putting together. Being able to exercise new freedoms will be invigorating. Having that ‘time out’ from your standard working day through giving yourself the time to work on constructive personal goals will also give yourself time to think and reflect and put things into perspective.


If after 6 months you in fact believe it was a mistake, that these goals aren’t as realistic as you thought or that the prospect of pursuing the entrepreneur route was in fact rather over whelming you can always go back to seeking out full time employment. Is there any shame in taking 6 months out to have tried your hand at working on a passion project or business? Absolutely not. Is there any shame in admitting it didn’t work out? No! Despite how you might feel, it doesn’t mean you failed. The fact that you had the guts to try it out in the first place is commendable. You took the initiative, took up temping to make money and gave yourself the flexibility to build the business structure or adventure plan of whatever it was that had been plaguing your standard daily routine. It is impressive rather than wasted.


Give yourself a time frame of just how long you want to temp for and set yourself targets in regards to what you’re looking to achieve whilst you take a back seat from your previous employment history. There is nothing wrong with taking some time to think, reflect and plan, which is exactly what temping allows you to do.


Good Luck


Twenty Mile Club