Tori Boughey


12 / 11 / 1990

Where’s home? 

I grew up in Dorset but London’s home now.


Holistic Health Coach

Company Name: 


What did you study at university and what grade did you leave with?

I actually decided against going to university as at the time there was nothing that I was especially interested in studying. I decided to move to London to work.

Was it a clear-cut path in terms of what you would do after you left?

I started to build my CV via temping jobs – I then accepted a permanent job as a receptionist at a property development company in Marylebone; I was bored out of my mind and hated it! I left after 6 months and started temping at Conde Nast, the temping then turned into a permanent job; I loved CN and worked there for 3 years.  I started as a PA to one of the Directors and then moved to Digital and worked on the Project Management side of the redesign and development of the websites. After some time, I had a real urge to go travelling and so I left my job and headed to California and Australia.  It was in Australia that I decided I didn’t want to go back to a ‘desk job’ that wasn’t really inspiring me and what I really wanted for myself was to figure out how I could become the best version of myself and turn wellbeing into my career.

What is TBalance?

TBalance is a Holistic Health Coaching service that helps individuals tap into their authentic selves, who they really are and what it is that works for them in all areas of life – from relationships (with themselves and others), exercise, careers to spirituality and how a positive mindset can help in so many ways and of course… food.  I believe that no two people’s needs are the same and so therefore it is imperative that we look at all of these aspects to ensure that people are getting the most out of their lives

How did the idea for TBalance come about?

The idea really came about when I was studying to become a Holistic Health Coach; I remember when I first started I changed everything about the way I ate – I cut out sugar, dairy, bad carbs etc., I took up exercising more than I previously had (everyday!) and I wasn’t drinking alcohol. I thought to myself that this was exactly what I needed to be doing to be ‘healthy’ and perhaps it is for some people, but for me it actually made me stressed, anxious and quite frankly, anti social!

It was this moment that I realised that I was never going to be able to live a healthy life this way and that what I really needed was some balance and moderation.  And this is massively what I try to project onto my clients.  Of course it’s about listening to your body and finding out what foods or lifestyle choices make you feel great but it’s also about enjoying life and not beating yourself up.

What were the challenges in initially setting up TBalance?

The main challenge was finding the energy, as before I launched TBalance I was actually working part time, so my energy was being split 50/50 and I was struggling to get TBalance off the ground. However, once I left my part time job I could focus all my energy into TBalance.

Who did you seek advice from and who really helped you in the early stages?

My mum is a Reiki healer and was a huge influence for sure, she helped keep me calm and has been a huge support (as have all my family!). Marketing friends have also been incredible as it’s been challenging at times to ‘put myself out there’.

I’m definitely still very much in the early stages, seeking a lot of advice and I’m keen to keep it that way – I believe that other people’s input is invaluable.


Did you ever doubt yourself that you could do it?

I would be lying if I said that doubting myself has never crossed my mind, but the outcome of these thoughts has never been detrimental to my business, in fact, these moments make me fight harder for what it is I want. I just know that TBalance is right for me and that if I really focus my energy into it, I can turn it into whatever I want it to be.

Eliminating self-doubt is something I work on with my clients and definitely make an effort to put into practice myself!

How do you market TBalance?

Mainly via social media, I find Instagram in particular incredibly powerful. Doing competitions and collaborations with other brands is also great. I suppose I also have to use myself as one of my largest marketing tools, and this is often where I find the pressure builds up.  Albeit an incentive to practice what I preach daily, which of course can be hard at times… I’m still human and for sure go through phases of worrying if I feel exhausted or my skin breaks out (this has actually been quite the challenge of late, and it’s for sure down to stress so I need to take some more of my own advice!) or if I’m hungover or decide I want to order a pizza – what will people think of me? But this is balance and life, and for sure what I am trying to do is show people it’s about knowing how to manage these situations or feelings.

What sets you a part from your competitors?

I like to think that the individually tailored courses that I offer to my clients is also my ethos of encouraging people that they can have it all – but in moderation.  I don’t want to tell anyone that they can’t eat something, I want to be telling them what they can be eating and what they can be doing with their lives to ‘fill them up’. No deprivation here!

What do you wish you had known then that you know now?

Ah! Good question… I wish I’d known the extent to which I needed to put myself first. I’ve learnt that everything hinges on me and I need to feel at the top of my game to give my clients the service they deserve. And to continue to grow the business in a way that I’m proud of. So, if this means taking an afternoon to myself or sleeping for an entire weekend then I’ll do it!

What’s a typical day for you working on TBalance? 

No two days are the same. I always try and start with a 7am yoga class at Core Collective… This helps me set my daily intentions and keeps me zen.  I also never skip breakfast. Then it’ll be meetings, clients or working on my content and bettering my techniques and knowledge for the courses.

Any personality traits you have discovered about yourself along the way?

That I need a list for everything!

Any utter disasters along the way?

Touch wood not yet!

What has been your best moment so far as a result of setting up T Balance? 

I gave a speech at my old school which was completely terrifying but the adrenaline rush was insane. But more importantly, watching my clients make progress. There’s honestly nothing more rewarding!

What advice would you give other twenty-something’s who are thinking of pursuing a career in the same industry as you?

You can do or create anything you want to by putting your mind to it; your health is the most important thing, you come first. So if this is going to help you, then do it! You’ll help more people than you know even by setting this example.
Learn from the hard days and be so grateful for the days that make you feel electric.

What do you think the next steps are for you this year?

To keep growing my client base for sure – but I am also really keen to start creating some TBalance products. I already sell affirmation bracelets and there are ideas in the pipeline for teas!

What’s the dream?  

To help as many people as possible… oh and to write a best selling book!!

Finally if you weren’t be doing this, what would you be doing? 

Hmm. I’d probably still be in Australia! Haha.


Finish the end of these sentences…

In your twenties the three things I tend to think about are… My next meal, what to watch on Netflix and for sure how I’m going to make it through the month money wise!

When I look at my bank statement after a night out I usually… I actually don’t do this!

The Twenty Mile Club is…. Epic! And so helpful, thank you for creating a space where start up stories can be shared, honestly.


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